Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Puzzled Daughter

We were brought to an Indian lady one day. The lecturer asked one of us to examine the chest of the lady, who was having some difficulty in breathing and she has nasal prongs attached to her to ease the breathlessness... So after we were done, we said thank you and headed back to the discussion room to discuss about the case. Some confusions were encountered, and so, we headed back to the bedside to reconfirm the findings.

The second time, I was tailing behind the rest of the group. I saw her daughter, and gave her a smile as a token of appreciation.

But she came forth and asked...

Daughter: That's it? You all just come and check and then you just leave?

Me: Erm... I'm just, I mean we're medical students, and our lecturer asked us to examined her... I don't think he's her treating physician as well.

Daughter: I know. But still, at least you all could tell me something? I'm the daughter here. You all just come and check and then you just leave without saying anything.

I looked at her, stunned, not sure if I was in any position to tell her that we found some consolidation in her left lung as well as some crepitations when we listen to her lungs, both side that was...

Daughter: Nevermind, go ahead. Just go ahead.

She was not happy. Obviously.

Perhaps she wasn't around when the chest physicians were treating her mother. I'm sure the doctor told somebody about her mum's condition or something.

After the class, I told the rest of the group about what her daughter told me. The first thing that came from their mind was, "So she's blaming the lecturer or she's blaming us?"

4 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

I think she is just worried about her mom lah. So many doctors and nurses come and check her Mom. It's not surprising that she act like that. It's understandable

Twilight Man said...

The daughter liked you and wanted your attention nia... You could sweep the matter under carpets and say the chief will come soon to brief her la..

Gratitude said...

She was just concerned for her mom, that's all!

[SK] said...

errr, i would think for a normal relative of the patient, they would expect the doctor who examines to tell something..