Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the Babi Based Blood Thinner

So the lecturer from yesterday's post were very very furious we didn't manage to answer her question. Her last was something about the issues of heparin in Muslims. Apparently, it's BABI based. And she said it's the doctor's obligation to inform the patient, although, according to the fatwa, it's allowed. But with advancement, there's another form of blood thinner that could be used with the Muslim patients, because it's horse-based.

And she looked at me again.

Lecturer: Do you know what it is?

Me: ASA...?

Lecturer: A is correct... But S is not.

Me: *silent*

Lecturer: Come on, I think you know this... Just that you don't remember.

Me: *silent*

Lecturer: A... R...?

Me: *silent*

Lecturer: I...?

Me: *silent*

Lecturer: This one really don't know already. Arixtra! How can you not know?

Me: *silent*

Lecturer: Gosh... no hope...

Me: *singing Loser Like Me in my heart*

ps: BABI = PIG

5 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

I really hate to be singled out like that

Twilight Man said...

Your lecturer is a female swine species!! No?

Why you never reply comments? I will BONG your head soon!

reanaclaire said...

You must be outstanding.. always picking on u one.. :)

Tempus said...

everyone have short term memo period ok?

[SK] said...

actually i think the lecturer need to evaluate his teaching as to why the students are so not interactive and never remember what he taught!! suggest this to him~~ :p