Friday, June 03, 2011

On the Empire State Building Run-Up

Came across something interesting on Yahoo!News page making it the editor's pick for that day or something. Long time back, so that only means this post is, well, back-dated to as far as CNY earlier this year...

The Empire State Building Run-Up!

Apparently, it's an invitational event. Athletes must apply to be invited to participate, with selections based on athletic ability and background. NYRR reserves the right to accept or reject entries as necessary to accomodate the narrowness of the the stairwell.

A little bit about the building, the Empire State Building, was constructed on the site of the former Waldorf-Astoria hotel starting in 1930, opening one year later.

Generally considered to be 102 stories high, the Empire State Building has 85 floors of commercial space, one flight to the Observation Deck, and a mooring mast structure that adds another 16 stories.

In the Empire State Building Run-Up, participants climb 86 flights (1,576 steps) to finish on the Observation Deck. Although not the tallest building in the world since the 1970s, the Empire State Building remains highly esteemed for its power, majesty, and proportion.

I wonder... would there ever be a chance of me running up that stairs..

3 Jujus:

Twilight said...

Why not? King Kong ran up outside and caught a cold. So you run inside la! They have a Guinness Books Records museum right on ground floor where the runners assembled.

Tempus said...

got got got!!! eh we can take on kl tower, we can take on this!

[SK] said...

hmmm, does that inspire you to have a Twin Towers Run, or perhaps even the Burj Khalifa Run?? :D