Thursday, June 02, 2011

On the Katsaridaphobia

Mum broke a news to me while we were gathered not long ago, about the brother's katsaridaphobia. The brother defended that it's dirty, of course we should stay away from it. "They eat shit!"

I mean, like, literally! They live off the septic tank back at home!

I would have stayed away from these insects as well. I'd just place all those mothballs all over the corners. I remembered I did that when we were still renting back when I was in my second year, and the whole room smelt like... some expired fragrant... LOL.

(But of course, I only knew they didn't work on cockroaches.)

I personally, am scared of all other creatures: worms, snakes, monkeys, birds, cats... Not scared to the extent of having anaphylactic reactions or anything, but mainly those shivers, and I'd just slowly back away. I hate it most when they started crawling on me. Like, it just feel... weird...

Zoophobias + entomophobia!

3 Jujus:

Twilight said...

I can help you to overcome all phobias. Come lie down naked on bed and I let them crawl over you...! Just once and you will be cured eternally!

Tempus said...

he might just faint off immediately twilight!

who cares, there are people out there who ain't afraid of these but faint right away even with a drop of blood in sight. Everyone have their phobias.

Small Kucing said...

geli lah