Saturday, June 25, 2011

On the Crocs Warehouse Sale!!!

Was driving out to town in the morning when I saw the banners by the road.

So what else? After the last crazy shopping of this footwear, I really think it's really comfortable. And when it does, you sort of start to notice things about it. I once came across some article that says Crocs was designed as a medical footwear, supposedly helping with the posture? Or something like that.

As per the last warehouse sale, the footwears were sold at RM 30 to RM 150. Since I've already got like, 2 pairs of the basic beachwear design from the last purchase, plus Dad's 1 size bigger of which I 'accidentally' wear sometimes, I went in to see if there was anything that suits Mummy. The last time she went, she tried on their heels and and sandals and they were all too large or too small. This time round, all the women's of size 5 to 8 were out. And, guess what, Mum's size 5.

But anyhow, I got one for her anyways. Came back to compare it with one of her sandals, hopefully she would fit this. Then again, it's pretty much free size, or so I thought. Size 8 fits me perfectly. But I wear Dad's size 9 comfortably too.

Well, what was different this time was... Apart from the beach wear design, they had some others on sale as well. Didn't know why I never looked at them back then, perhaps because we were too carried away with picking the colours.



I'm officially declaring I love Crocs.

Say whatever you want, duck-beak shoes or the most fugly shoes on earth, but I'm lovin' it.

ps: Go check it out! It's still on till the 26th June!

3 Jujus:

Twilight Man said...

Yeah so comfy & wear them on your wedding day too!

LittleLamb said...

and so..u love buayas.....ahahhaha

Clayden L. said...

i saw someone wearing the same red Crocs in the Curve last Friday...

or was it you??? XP