Sunday, June 26, 2011

On Fly.Fm's 800th Pagi Show: Farewell Fabes & Ben

Imagine my sadness when I heard over Pagi Show on Fly.Fm last Wednesday morning when the resident DJs announced that by last Friday, it'd be their 800th show, and that it would be the last show and with that, also the end of the 2 resident DJs of the radio station, Phat Fabes and Ben, on the company!

It didn't help, at all, when they started to have this countdown thing from T-3 days... to T- 1 day (over the days) and the day itself! What's more with all this touching music at the background and the DJs trying to sound cheerful and what nots.

I mean, honestly, I have no idea what their workplace is like, or how the guys in the office are, but from what I heard over the radio, it really did sound like they are a very happy big family. So it's only a wonder if none of them were saddened by the news that 2 of the funniest guys I've ever heard on a national radio announcing they're resigning.

So, on Friday morning, perhaps it was quite a coincident... I woke up late. Had a bad case of blocked nose and sorta just passed out the night before. Went out late, so had the chance of getting caught in a very bad jam, which was, for the first time in history, something I was glad for. Because, as how one of the other listeners put it, worse jam = longer time in the car = can listen to the Pagi Show longer.

Now, I don't know if any of you have the same stand, or if any of you listen to Fly.Fm at all. But with the two guys leaving, I suppose driving in the morning from tomorrow onwards would be different. I was half hoping they were pulling some prank, like many other listeners do. Many a time, I actually laughed out loud inside the car listening to these jokers, and they really lifted my mood. Especially when time isn't as good as I wish it to be this time round.
But anyways... Life goes on. Therefore, here's to the two guys who have never failed to cheer me up every morning for the past one year (or so)... All the best men!

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Anonymous said...

have you listened to this morning's Rock Show? lol. you won't feel the lost in no time.

Small Kucing said...

all good things must end some way or another