Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the WHOAAA! You're Chinese!

There's this show on NTV7 on Sunday night 8.30p.m. Another quiz show, mainly regarding Mandarin usage. School children were asked questions on general knowledge, history and the correct use of Mandarin as a whole, but the final segment where the students were to do a public speaking kind of thing, which pretty much drew quite a lot of critics from public speaker family like ours. *ahem* I rephrase, the ex-public speakers. LOL. Gone were the days...

Anyways, there was this segment where students were asked to answer questions regarding Mandarin language. Idioms were to be completed; words were to be guessed. Stuff like that. And it's shocking to know that these primary school children know all the idioms taught in secondary school! Heck even I don't know what are the answers. Seemed so so long ago that I studied my 名句精华 (i.e. idioms).

But there was this question, something like to guess a Mandarin character.

ps: too bad for the bananas, couldn't help. It's just the beauty of the language itself. LOL

Question: 一字加三点.

You're supposed to guess a Mandarin character based on this simple puzzle.

So I blurted out a word before anyone else could.


Sis: Really? Yea, looks like it.


Everyone: WHOAAAAAAA!!!!!

Me: Hahahaha! I still know Mandarin!

Mum: You're still a Chinese!


Am not trying to joke or anything. I really haven't been writing any Mandarin words for the past 5 years in fact. And I've since secondary school stopped speaking the language despite Mum's a language teacher. More often than not, we speak our native tongue instead when we're at home.

I'm amazed I came out with the answer myself. LOL.

2 Jujus:

[SK] said...

i thot 学 is 一字加兩點 and not 加三點??

Calvin said...

I watched that show too sometimes if I come home early and boy! those kids are great in idioms and they have to deliver a short speech on the spot with a given title.