Monday, June 21, 2010

On the Lobotomy

I thought it was a barbaric ancient method when I saw it in the movie Shutter Island, where people with mental illness were drilled a hole in the head, and their brain were cut so that they would not experience anymore hallucinations or what not. At least that was what I understand of the word "Lobotomy".

It was only when I looked up for this method on the net just now that this method really did existed! LOL.

Lobotomy (Greek: λοβός – lobos: "lobe (of brain)"; τομή – tome: "cut/slice") is a neurosurgical procedure, a form of psychosurgery, also known as a leukotomy or leucotomy (from the Greek λευκός – leukos: "clear/white" and tome). It consists of cutting the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain. While the procedure, initially termed a leukotomy, has been controversial since its inception in 1935, it was for more than two decades a mainstream procedure prescribed for psychiatric (and occasionally other) conditions—this despite general recognition of frequent and serious side-effects. The heyday of its usage was from the early 1940s until the mid-1950s when modern neuroleptic (antipsychotic) medications were introduced.

Or disgusted?

Or you're now puking?


But then again, this method has since half a century ago, become obsolete; especially since we've got so many types of antipsychotics nowadays. According to some sources, doctors in the Soviet Union concluded that the procedure was "contrary to the principles of humanity" and that it turned "an insane person into an idiot". Pretty true so to speak.

Interesting fact here was, Rosemary Kennedy, sister of President John F. Kennedy, underwent a lobotomy at age 23 which left her permanently incapacitated.

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looks more like torture method to me..

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Mutilation! How about shock therapy?

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