Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Having Abnormal Children

Here's a question to you who are setting up a family soon. Or anybody who reads my blog.

What would you do if your child was born abnormal? Let's just say there's something like spina bifida, or Down syndrome, or congenital heart disease, that you know he/she would have a lot of problem growing up, infections being one. You'd rather he/she die at birth, so that he/she won't need to suffer from his conditions; but no, it just wasn't bad enough that he'll die at birth, and managed to survive for a decade or so in so much of agony and pain.

But if you know, when you're pregnant with a child with such deformities, i.e. Down syndrome baby, and the baby is due in another 3 months or so, would you ever consider aborting the baby?

If you love that baby as much as yourself and you decide to continue with the pregnancy, would you be able to handle the stress of raising up a child with mental retardation? And you know, more often than not, you wish for a child who could at least speak properly rather than just mumble and smile at you all the time, not knowing what you're talking about.

Would you rather not have such a poor kid?

You'd say you don't mind suffering because you know you love your own child, but would you love him/her enough to see her suffering?

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Anonymous said...

Really, it's the most difficult question to get it answered.
But to all mums to be, never ever simply take medicines without the lst class docs to handle with.
To have abnormal child for life is sthg so dreadful.
Hope all mums to b in the world will think properly and check properly b4 taking medicines and their age of conception and food taken are all accountable.

zt said...

i will say "i dun know" because no matter how the fetus is a life that me and my loved one create, but i have friends that are very determined to abort the child if so be that they r unfortunate.
U say it out the worry of most of the lady who plan to marry late.

William said...

It's such a big challenge. A hard choice to make.

3quarks said...

yeah thats a very difficult choice to make indeed

smallkucing said...

That's why am very doubtful when thinking to have a 2nd child or not. I dont think I can handle special kids

Anonymous said...

This question is thought and written out as a novel by Jodi Picoult in her book titled "Handle With Care".

manglish said...

having seen many, i must say tat let's just abort...cruel but is good for both parties wen QOL is concerned

Janvier said...

Ultimately we think the mother should have the main say, since she's the one who'd to bear the baby till birth. It's easy for the husband to be practical and say yes or no but there's a fair bit of emotional ties for the mum-to-be.

Twilight said...

Find another Mother Theresa to keep the child!