Friday, March 26, 2010

On the Need of a Baby!

Good day everyone!

I'm in serious need of your favor if you or if you know anyone who has a toddler for a growth development study project. It's one of the important requirement for me to sit for the final exam next year, therefore, it's a very important study, literally.

But there are some criteria for the selection of our baby subject:
1) The baby must be a full term healthy baby, born via spontaneous vaginal delivery, not Caesarean Section.
2) The baby is now aged less than 2 years old (as of March 2010)
3) It'll be best if the baby is in the Klang Valley.

Basically, what you'll need to do, is just to spare some time for me while I ask some questions regarding the toddler's growth; in terms of gross motor development, fine motor development, speech and social growth. Similar to that of the green card if you go for vaccination in the government clinic. Technically, we should do our follow up once every month for the first 6 months, and once in 2 months for the next 6 months and once every three months after that up till the toddler is 2 years old. However, this term is negotiable.

We'll need to meet up sometime, as I'll need to take the photo of the toddler and his/her parents.

Sadly, I have lost the contact with my previous toddler as his parents' number was not reachable at all.

I'll be utmost grateful if you could or if you know anyone who could help this poor medical student out.

Please leave a comment so I could reach back to you. Or write to me directly at (censored)

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the happy go lucky one said...

very interesting project! sorry to hear that u lost contact with that parent. too bad i dont hv a baby, or else i would b more than happy to have my baby follow up by a kind future doctor kekeee :)

smallkucing said...

Errr...guess mine is out..C-sect.

Gratitude said...

Errr I'll ask my fuss-pot bro whether lil' nephew cld be a candidate..... so cross your fingers ya!

blue said...

just get hold of a hospital staff nurse's baby la...u know how fertile they can be...and easy to find plus they most likely wont abandon u halfway...thats wat i did last time :P

reanaclaire said...

do u want me to advertise for u in my blog? a lot of young mummies come over one. :p

Twilight said...

Ask Keenyee ~ he is always swarmed with kiddo tots! I will check with my buddy soon.

Anonymous said...

just referred you to my friend Mrs Top Monkey. if she replies favourably, you owe me one, James Bond!!

heh heh!


CH Voon said...

Baby wanted!

Just know it... i thought some blood donation here.

my daughter is 1 and 8 months going to 2 years soon.

but i am not stay at klang valley, i stay at puchong :(

Alice Law said...

So, you actually need a tot less than 2 y.o! I have a 7 m.o adorable baby boy, who is bright and healthy. It was a spontaneous delivery on 26 Aug last year, was born in Hospital UKM. If you were interested I don't mind he helps you with your project, just need to know more detail about the research.

Have a wonderful weekend to you!

日月神教-任我行 said...