Thursday, December 17, 2009

On Sapu-ing Taipei (1)

I know Taiwan's a food heaven, pretty much like how Melaka and Penang is. But it's not cheap I tell you!!! Nevertheless, it was fun alright. And I shall do a 2 part food post about what we had down our eosophagus in Taipei. >.<

Shi-lin Night Market: Who wouldn't know about this when we've got Shi-lin Chicken chop all over in our own malls right?

But apart from chicken chop, we also tried out what my colleagues went crazy about, the ice! Apparently, ice were served in different tastes just like our ABC here. Nothing special, perhaps their ice machine because the ice looked like threads rather than a whole bunch of crushed ice that we get here. But then again, I knew I tasted some ABC with that kind of ice-toppings somewhere. LOL

Taipei Main Station: We stayed in a decent inn in the end just a stone's throw away from the Taipei Main Station. On our first night there, it was too late to go out to the night market, plus since we were quite hungry, we walked around looking for supper stalls. There's this small street underneath a building where food like noodles and rice were sold. We tried some dumpling noodles. Later on we walked down the corner and turned into another stall selling onion pie. It looks like our roti canai, only that theirs is more chewy and has stronger aroma. :D

Xi-men Ding:
It's somewhat like the streets in Bukit Bintang. Lotsa fashion streets, lotsa one night stand motels, lotsa food! :D We were walking around looking for one night stand motels when we finally decided to take a rest and savour this rice noodle. They've got branches all over the place alright, even in Shilin night market as well. But since we were here first, we had a go at it first. Eating it during the winter felt just nice!

We also spent one of our evenings in Xi-men Ding when we arrived quite late in the night. Most of the shops were already closed, so the streets was turned into a night market with lotsa cheap scarf and bags and wallets. But of course there were foods around as well. That's when we tried out some fried stuff eg. hot dogs etc. Pretty normal alright.

To be continued...

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Gratitude said...

I'd die with a bloated tummy if i ever stayed near Shilin nite market!

Danny said...

how many calories u took per day there huh?
if i go sure i very regret when i come ;p

TZ said...

hmmm... no wondered you looks a bit fat when you just came back from Taipei... muhahahaha .... Wallop everything in Taipei :p

[SK] said...

i thot there should be loads to try out in Shi-lin night market?? you only showed one photo!!!

Ed said...

is there any testicle delicacies?? :P

manglish said...

wow.....i have to visit taiwan :)