Saturday, December 26, 2009

On Food in Taipei (3)

I know it's a bit long winded, what's more when it's already the 3rd installments about food that we had in Taipei. That's why I space it out a bit. :D But this shall definitely be the last I'm ever going to talk about the food in Taipei.

Dan-shui night market: We had the opportunity to visit Dan-shui town which is an old town located on the north western tip ot Taiwan. The row of shops facing the sea are full of eateries to which we ate like crazy. One shop after another, we shared out the cost as we just wanted to try out the different foods.

We had fried calamarie which was pretty similar to what we could get in Malaysia.

I also had the opportunity to try out the fermented bean curd which is so ever famous in Taiwan. I never thought I could ever put that stinky food in my mouth actually, but it tasted alright on the first bite, not on the second bite though. After that, we could tell from afar there's a fermented bean curd stall because the smell just clinched to your nose.

There's this lemon jelly drink that I first tried in this night market. It's refreshing and thirst quenching, a perfect drink after a long day hiking. LOL.

After that we entered this shop where my friend ordered some glutinous rice, meat balls and dumplings. I think, can't quite remember what they are, what more to translate them into English. The fact that I was so ignorant about food when I was there and only follow around eating whatever my friend proposed pretty much shown up now innit? LOL

We also headed to this little shop smacked in between all the other shops along the main night-market street selling all sorts of meat ball; beef ball chicken ball fish ball pork ball mutton ball human balls. The taukehnio of the shop is also a camwhore, the entire wall of her shop filled with photos of her posing in her red dress, amongst the flowers in the gardens and what nots. But then again, the balls were really nice. :D

* * *

Jiu-fen Old Street: There was this another day when we headed out of the city to an old hilly town called Jiu-fen where Les-miserables went for a shooting. It's overlooking the Keelung bay and the veiw was amazing.

In the old-street of Jiu-fen, one could find all sort of souvenirs. From key chain and t-shirt to food and snacks. That's how I was tricked into purchasing 2 packs of snacks from this funny aunty whom I talked to for more than 10 minutes while waiting for the others who was purchasing the BBQ giant mushroom.

Next to this funny camwhore aunty was another camwhoring aunty who was selling another type of snacks. But I was smarter then, refusing to talk to her too much because I was already running low on New Taiwan Dollars. LOL.

Taiwan is indeed a food heaven lor. For me who just stayed for a week, it seemed still new and fresh and I wouldn't mind trying again one. But according to the group of friends doing their elective in Taiwan for the past one month right, they thought it was just pretty much the same as to what we have back in Malaysia wor.

Now who wanna go to Penang for a food trip with me? >.<

Oh by the way, Happy Boxing Day!

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the happy go lucky one said...

Happy boxing day to u too :)
really sound like a makan trip hor, non-stop eating kekee :) i tried the stinky tauhu twice i think, it was ok as i didn order the stinkiest one kekeee :)

Gratitude said...

Oh how I miss Taiwan. Miss the colours and the all nite food! :)

CH Voon said...

since you ate like crazy, i believe the food is damn nice and delicious!

Last time i went there but i not enjoy all the food there ~ working day n night!

one day i hope i will step in again to taiwan!

A Common Singaporean said...

Merry Christmas Medie!! I see u r enjoying yrslf.

Miss Taiwan too. Miss the meatballs. The specky auntie in Jiu fen is ever so friendly, I recognize her, the missus actually took a pic with her when we were there soem years ago, aunties... haha.

Evann said...

OMG Taiwan street food is so fun! LOL

I wanna go to Penang! Can visit my Godmother while I'm there hehe. It must have been 15 years since I last been to Penang. o.O

[SK] said...

well, no worries, you know what?? food posts are something that readers won't find them boring to read lor.. hehehe :p

manglish said...

yaaaaaaaaa really looked like a food heaven wor....


i love sotong :P my fav... are them nice in taiwan?

Susan said...

oh my, the mushroom are really huge! Their street food is definitely nice.

Nikel Khor said...

yoyo..ur trip is interesting

here me at Nikel Khor

ckw said...

but the camwhoring auntys' peanut cookies were damn nice! HAHA... thats what i thought though, one of the best tidbit i had bought back frm taiwan