Friday, December 25, 2009

On Eating Out Every Night

Mum and Dad are over for this festive season. But having said that, I thought it was quite a bad timing for myself because I'm posted to the Accident and Emergency Department for this 2 weeks, of which I had shifts on Christmas and New Year days! But of course, I thought I would rearrange my shifts so that at least I could compensate some time to spend with my parents, especially during Christmas. But otherwise, I've had a few evenings off before that allowed me to go out and have dinner with them and my sis.

It seemed like year end like this is a time for many celebrations. Just like how my friends and I would always come up with some reasons whenever we go to Yuen, a.k.a. my coming back from Taipei, or my passing the exams, or even Awal Muharam, we had the same in our family as well. At least we wouldn't feel so guilty eating out most of the evenings.

December is the month of my mum's birthday, winter solstice, as well as Christmas.

Mum's birthday falls on the 19th of December. We had dinner in Purple Cane Tea House in Gardens where all their dishes have some elements of tea. The vegetables, chi-kut-teh, tofu and what not, sis said these dishes were cooked with tea. They tasted quite nice alright, especially the chicken which I love most.

The next day we went to Eu Yan Sang Diner a few doors down the pathway, also in the Gardens. Sis tried it before. And considering we have been eating supplements and chicken essence from EYS, we thought we should give it a try as well. It seemed everything used in the cooking are also of their own brand. Fried rice was nice. But otherwise I thought it was a bit salty. And definitely filling.

We actually had a cake, mum booked from a colleague of hers. It's something new, we never tasted before. She was asking for our opinion, apart from having that cake as her birthday, as how we always have a reason for special occasions, whether it would be suitable for Chinese New Year next year. If we thought it's nice, she'd booked the same cake for the CNY next year. But too bad it was far too sweet for any of our likings.

But of course, when you're hungry, it makes a good food!

We had our Christmas Eve dinner in Xian-Ding-Wei in One Utama. It's a Taiwanese Restaurant. But then again, all the dishes were too salty for our likings. We quickly finished the food and walked around. Shopping were all done, and the parents had nothing in mind, so we headed for Storm Warriors in the cinema. Must've been some time that the parents hadn't been to one. I mean, I myself haven't been to the movies for a while.

But then again, it's Christmas Eve right... Anything could go. LOL

Christmas day today, have yet to decide where we'd be going. And I've specially gotten today off so that we could go somewhere together.

Again, Merry Christmas everyone! :D

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Bravebear said...

Merry Christmas! :p I been to the Colmar Topicale that was in ur previous post! well... but long time ago. I like that place alot.

So much food on this post... Getting me hungry LOL!

manglish said...

kesian your mum's colleague hahahah there goes her business....merry xmas now...

the happy go lucky one said...

wowww u guys really eat alot :) its good, its good way to celebrate the bday and festives :)

pikey said...

A season of joy in this December month... eating is joy! yay!

CH Voon said...

eating is a most enjoyable moment! keep it on especially this Christmas festival

SynchingZincInc said...

Happy Xmas!


reanaclaire said...

wow... what a delightful dinner .. i dint know that eu yan sang served dinner as well..first time i heard of it.. your dinner must be very meaningful with yr love ones with u...

Merry Christmas!

Nikel Khor said...

wakaka..ur photo shot skil much toward it

here me at Nikel Khor