Saturday, December 19, 2009

On Eating Up Taipei (2)

Fu-Zhong: So there was this one day when we go to the house of the richest man in Taiwan right? It's called the Three Courtyard House because they got 3 courtyards lor, one is a lake, then got a park, then got another big park. It's a private property, but it's open to public now as a museum after the owner died lor.

There's nothing much lar in Fu-zhong actually. But we got found a market place like that one where we had some Doremon cake and fish ball slice which was quite nice lor. The Doremon cake we can get in Malaysia one also lar, so it's nothing that special. But the fishball is famous one wor, according to the forum in the internet lar. The owner hor, don't even look at you when you order. Then the way they talk also like so arrogant like that. Luckily their food is okay. Otherwise sure got from me one. Haha.

* * *

Kee-lung night market: We managed to go to Kee-lung outside of Taipei city one night right, it was like so much nicer than Shi-lin lor. I mean Shi-lin night market got food street also lar, but it feels more organised here lor. Because right, all the food stalls are uniform one. Like they got similar stalls and all. So it looks nicer lor.

But of course there is also another street before we got into Kee-lung night market proper where one of my friends saw this charcoal-bbq sweet corn wor. So she ma buy lor since she was hungry ma. Who knows the sweet corn didn't taste nice one. Like eating burnt sweet corn like that.

But of course, the highlight of us coming down to Kee-lung night market is to go to this Temple complex where the ding-bian-hu is famous one lor. But then hor, I never liked ding-bian-hu also. When I went to Sibu last time, I also thought that dish not nice. Kolo mee still the best. Haha. Anyways, the ding-bian-hu there quite nice lar. I eat up most of the beefballs instead. >.<

* * *

Long-Shan: So we went to Long-shan Temple in Taipei right, then hor, after we came out from the temple, it's already late noon lor. So we walk around near the temple when we came across another old temple tucked away at the next street lor. It's quite near to Long-shan Temple also one, but much smaller lor. So my friend said the noodle just outside of this small temple is quite nice lor, I forgot what is the name of this temple already. But I thought it's quite nice lar. Since it's only our second meal in Taipei mar. So everything still tasted quite fresh.

Then on our way to the Long-shan temple MRT station right, we passed through a lot of small stalls selling road-side snacks as well. Actually this food street is just next to Long-shan Temple lar. So my friend bought this bowl of tapioka lor. Quite nice lor.

Chamm ahh... Can't finish in 2 posts wor! I still wanna talk about the food in Dan-shui night market and Jiu-fen old street summore... To be continued lar! >.<

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TZ said...

i'm so sooooo sooooo soooooo hungry.

Evann said...

WTF happened to your English? I have never seen you use so many "lar", "lor", "hor", "mar", and "wor" in your blog before! What did you do to the REAL Medie??

Seriously! o.O

Medie007 said...

TZ, go makan :P

Evann, hahahahhahahahhaa. ;) cannot mei? :P

ckw said...

lol prolly the posts are a little too much to elaborate on, so just mar hor lor n lar lah! hah

SJ said...

guess d food must be real yummy thr

A smile from SJ =)

manglish said...

ohhh i am waiting for the next post hahahaha btw u know the place kee-lung, in mandarin it always sounded to me with a little gay connotation hahahaha

[SK] said...

haha, finally i see more food photos already.. go ahead post your eating up taipei part 3, 4... :D

nicky05 said...

lol.....what happen lol??? you get infected by me....cham lo....faster go hospital, get an injection la....heheheheh.....( so many lor, lar, mar, etc)...XD

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