Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Uncivilised Malaysians

Maybe it was my cranky mood. But I guesses I shocked the sister when I told another passanger of the same plane off while we were checking in in LCCT.

See, we arrived in the airport 2 hours before the flight, and the notification board showed that the check-in counter was already open, so we headed over to the counter only to find there was already a long queue. It was so long that from where we stood, we narrowed the way for the passangers who needed to get to the further end for their checking in. When more passangers coming in to queue for the checkin in, it would definitely cause a massive "jam" where we stood. Seeing this, the guard finally led a few guys before us and turned the queue into an "L" shape.

But it wasn't before long that we get more and more passangers comng in and stood where we used to stand and narrowed the common path and causing a pretty huge clog. I was pretty pissed. There was this Malay uncle in yellow shirt and light brown slack pushing his trolley and cassually stopped next to a group of Indonesian before us. I held my breath and tried to control my cool. But as more and more irresponsible Malaysians coming and did what this Malay uncle did, it seemed as if the queue garnered a few more "terminal tributaries". While the queue behind us got longer and longer, it would be a mess when more uncivilised passangers cutting queue.

And it definitely take a lot of patience to tolerate this kind of unacceptable behaviour. Uncivilised! Unethical! Uneducated! Unsightly! Pretty much all these "kiasu" mentality, really.

So when the AirAsia crew finally manned the check in counter, the queue moved forward. So obviously all these uncivilised people making up new queue started to move forward and cut queue as well. While sis managed to move forward before the Malay uncle cut in, I finally lost my patience and told him off.

"The queue is back there." I looked at him with all this wrinkled forehead, and pretty damn much serious.

"I just came here." He still dare to give some excuse! What nerve he has! Bloody thick-faced uneducated man. Clearly some kampung ah-pek who has this "kiasu" mentality probably learnt from his non-Malay counterpart as how many would've claimed, I mean, hello, if he just arrived, he should've seen how long the queue already was, and he still wanted to cut into the queue?! That was even more of an excuse to tell him off right?

I snapped again, "Nope, the queue was behind me long time ago." And I quickly moved forward.

I was pretty sure the young couple behind me heard what I said. And I was pretty sure the few more after that heard what I said as well. The ones cutting into in front of sis also turned around and looked at my furious face. But the Malay uncle still managed to squeeze into the line right behind me.


Daymn, I'm still pretty pissed with him.

Now who say only the Chinese are kiasu? Apparently this lousy scheme of 1Malaysia kicked in real good assimilating the bad habits too.

Not only that, it seemed that a lot of the passangers don't know how to read as well!

Ooh, sis was pretty shocked that I told some stranger off at the airport. I'm sure she'd go back and tell the parents all about it. But I know many of us would do the same, if most of us had the courage. And I found mine because I was pretty annoyed with the growing crowd of queue-cutting idiots. But most often than not, many of us just swallowed the frustration and be a little more patient.

And no, I don't give a damn if it's Hari Raya Aidilfitri or what nots, having your big celebration day does not give you the right to cut queue. But I'd like to wish all my readers a good loooooong weekend!

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[SK] said...

what a lame excuse!! i definitely hate this kind of people.. most of the time i will do my best to block them from going forward past me, at least.. i always do this while boarding the trains..

bluesoul said...

luckily u didnt give him vulgar words for buka puasa LOL

TZ said...

wow! Medie007 was not in the mood this morning ... why? I thot our medie007 usually kept quiet. Hmmm... let's know what your parents think abt this :P

hehehe... this is why i don wanna to go anywhere during festive season. I will end up spoiling my own holiday :(

manglish said...

wow...looks like 1Malaysia is going to be very successful soon....see we are not very much different. malay, indian chinese japanese....all the same hahahahaha....:)

L M said...

I want your bravery!!

foongpc said...

Bravo! You did the right thing! Someone should tell these people off and you did it!

I hate queues and hate queue jumpers even more!

Gratitude said...

I thought you wld have been too sleepy-droopy to mutter harsh words. Perhpas the movie did the trick, minus the gory pen-knife incidents! mwahahahaha

Have a good time with da family ya! ^_^

ckw said...

LOL! "i just came here"
didnt show him the middle finger, did u?
so much for his last buka puasa day? hahaha..

Evann said...

Oh don't let that worthless piece of crap upset you. He's probably so illiterate that he doesn't even know the meaning of "queue". So yea.

Jerry said...

So sad, Bong burn the whole forest because of some rotten apple... That uncle is a real bitch...

Oh well, brainless people with brainless act.. Make sense...

May be you should consider KLIA next time.. Lesser thrash....

SJ said...

some ppl are born like that.. hmm..i hope they would change and better themselves..

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

Twilight Zone said...

Oh when Bong screamed, that means it was serious! I would have kept my cool and scolded the Ah Pek - CB Babi! Guaranteed to work. Ask Anton!

Aissar. L said...

haha. i hate these kind of people too. shud just punch them. :P