Monday, September 21, 2009

On the Brother Flying (Prt1)

Following this, the brother finally completed his A-levels for a year in some secluded college over in Nilai a few months ago. After spending a few months at home with the parents, they're finally over in KL again last week. Apparently, the little brother was accepted to the first faculty of medicine in Czech Republic where the Public Service Department scholars were sent to. Can't deny that I was pretty jealous that he'll be spending 6 years doing medicine in Prague. Prague, man. Prague!!!

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So, for the past few weeks Mum has been preparing for his leaving the country. They spent quite a lot if I'm not mistaken. The brother wants a laptop, wants a SLR like mine and God knows what else that I have that he wanted as well. So dad had been swipping his credit card the last time they were over in KL to shop for his stuff. Rumors heard was, the brother spent more than half of 10k on all these apparels. Why not? The winter jacket alone cost up to 500RM, with discount already too! On top of that, there's the new luggage meant for rough handling, also at the clearance, which cost about 500RM if I didn't recall wrongly. Let's not forget those gadgets!

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Most of us might be travellers. Having our hometown on the island instead of Klang valley, we've been flying at least twice a year especially during holidays. But the flying frequencies increased in the past one year as far as I remembered. On my part, Grandma's passing, the CNY of course, and the short holidays. But the parents have been flying over quite often as well.

So, it isn't that much of a trouble when it comes to packing. At least not to the rest of us when we're just flying across the South China Sea.

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But when it comes to the brother's flight, apparently it's going to be a long haul one to some temperate countries. Mum went paranoia on what to bring and what not to bring, considering the PSD and MAS set a maximum luggage weight of just 25kg. So of course the necessary gadgets are going to be in. But since it's also a seasonal country, and the brother is going to walk out of the plane breathing autumn air, it was all the more reason for mum to worry.

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"Have to get a jacket!"
"Maybe these ear protectors as well."
"What about lip balm?"
"Scarf too!"

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And the brother would be so ever restless and annoyed telling her she should stop worrying and get too much stuff or else he won't even be able to get them all into the luggage.

But of course, they've been keeping in touch with the previous 2 batches of scholars sent to that eastern Europe country, so roughly, they were briefed on what to bring and what's not necessary.

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It was my first time inside Universal Travellers alright. I've never thought I could have the chance of being in close proximity to all these winter clothes anyways. But now that the brother is going to be somewhere where there is winter, hmmm, perhaps I could start dreaming now too.

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Mum and Dad had already started dreaming alright. 5 more years to their retirement, they'll prolly saved enough for the two of them for the euro-trip. While sis and I are most prolly working already then, they expect us to fund ourselves then. Can't express how much anticipation I have for that trip alright. But that aside, graduating is still the priority.

DSC_0640-800 by you.

So in the end, after much rearrangement and all, the brother is finally all set. One cabin luggage of 21kg, a hand carry luggage plus his laptop backpack and a sling bag. And we were all set to send him off....

I think.

To be continued tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

All the best to your brother. You must be proud to have such an intelligent brother. I know I would if I have.

TZ said...

wow! Lotz of shopping ... all the best to your bro... I bet your bro will enjoy the change of culture :)

RcKs said...

Me smells jealousy. :p

ichimaru akira said...

Erm,my frens who are in Russia and Ireland said that its cheaper to buy winter clothing over there

Jerry said...

Like gorgor, like didi... Direct translated from like father like son...

Both also some kick smart ass...

L M said...

The most stressful thing to do before going overseas to study is to pack your whole house into a 25kg luggage bag -.-
I don't think I'll be able to do that srsly.

SJ said...

simply loving the penguin!

From me to you, suejean. =)

Gratitude said...

You siblings are juz so blessed to have parents like these.

Evann said...

Oh my. Wow a family of doctors. :DDD