Saturday, September 05, 2009

On the Hand-made Card

I came across this fine lady who picked up card-making as a hobby some time ago. So out of interest, I contacted her and requested for a card to be made in conjunction with the Mother's day few months ago. But apparently, it was too soon from the day I contacted her that she wasn't able to make it in time. So I modified it and requested for a card that centered on the theme of parents instead.

Call me a failure but, I have yet to meet her, even until now, let alone seeing the card for real. She showed me some photos she took of the card, and I had some ideas how it would look like, but I suppose it's not wrong to look forward to see the card and touch the 3D features on the card.

I went home searching up and down for the card. Mum was pretty surprised when she received it. I had requested then that she sent it back to my home instead. Well, all the odds came into place when she addressed it to my name as how she copied it on Facebook, when the name I used on Facebook wasn't even my real name. So when Mum got the post, she was all confused wondering who it was to, but having the receipient name sounding like mine, she assumed it was for me and she opened it to see if it was any important document. The lady sent it in the Pos Laju package after all.

She called me later on to tell me how surprised she was to get the card. It was really unexpected. And I could really tell from her tone that she was really happy. She even brought it to her office and shared the joy with some close colleagues of hers.

Am really glad that my intention worked out. She's all hyped about it. And she was really happy. She still kept the parcel envelope even!

Now I really should get the payment banked in... It's been what, 3 months?? LOL.

6 Jujus:

manglish said...

waaaaaa so bad ar not yet pay? kesian the lady :)

Danny said...

i bet u r really happy when u heard ur mom's voice when she called u... nothing is more important than family horr? :))

passerby said...

juk juk juk...bad customer.

Medie007 said...

manglish...yalor... so looooong already... paiseh paiseh. :P

danny, yeaps... happy heaps. lols. ;)

passerby, sorry... :(

Bengbeng said...

do that more often and she will b happy :)

Twilight Zone said...

Oh you got the same tailor to make the card too? I love the one she made for me and I didn't give it to my friend for his wedding. I kept it instead!!! ha ha ha!