Saturday, February 14, 2009

On Killing a Cat


"Alan.... I killed a cat!"


"I killed a cat! Knocked into it and I could practically hear it stumbled and being rolled over underneath the car."

"Where are you?"

"In Subang. Just came out from Summit. Couldn't bring myself in stopping in time. It was running across the road, and that was when I drove into it."


"But after I drove past, I looked back and tried to see if it was okay, I didn't see any carcass or watsoever moving animal from the rear mirror..."

"Well... Cat is supposed to have 9 lives."

"What if this is the last one?"

"True also... Say a prayer lor."

"Har... How..."

"Can't do anything also now. What's done is done. It's a cat. Not a human yet."

"What is that supposed to mean? I'll kill people in the future?"


"Yeeesh!!! How? Later the cat keeps haunting me. I dunno if it's stuck underneath the car or something."

"Say a prayer lor. Hopefully it'll rest in peace."

"I don't know how..."




"I feel so bad... I killed a life."

"Maybe it's okay. Don't be so hard on yourself."


Speaking about: First, Do No Harm...
Barely making it out into practicing Meds, and I have already broken the first rule. Sigh.


16 Jujus:

jase said...

maybe that cat intentionally jump out to commit suicide? YOu never know!

Twilight Zone said...

Oh I found another murderer at last. A decade ago, I borrowed someone's 1 day old Citroen and raced 180kph along Jalan Damansara after midnight. Piiaanngg! I hit a big stone loud and heard a Meow! The cat flew to opposite lane and died. Oh gosh, I have been driving like a snail since then. Namo Amitabha.

The cat you hit looked expensive from the photo.

Jaded_Jeremy said...


Ban said...

Accidents happen. You can't blame yourself for a cat running in front of your car.

...but very kesian the cat. :(

Little Dove said...

Let's observe a minute of silence for kitty.

Was it the cat who slept on your bed?

*Anton* said...

Not intentional, so please do not fell guilty over it. Saying a prayer helps. ^_^

Blessed Amitabha.

foongpc said...

Don't blame yourself unless you were driving recklessly at 150km per hour! Accidents do happen.

Did you check under your car or not? Maybe still stuck there waiting to give you a shock! : )

Danny said...

when u go tp DZT next time, just take 2 minutes and say a prayer for it la..
that will make u better...and the cat can go west...
cheer up.

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

ppl says there's sway to skin a cat but but ... u killed a cat! bwuahaha... aiyar dont blame urself la. isit a black cat?

TZ said...

hey... don't blame yourself lah... is the cat that come to you... anyway... it's catminal wor.

pikey said...

Eh... the 2 chinese characters, you took it at the Dong Zen exhibition hall there right?

JD Cole said...

may the cat rest in peace! amen~

Sam said...

I am going to make sure you drive slowly when you come near my place. :)

And I'm sure the kitty won't become all Ju-On on you. With the little boy in the backseat. And the loud meow.

Hee hee~

Don't worry bout it, a prayer and a thought is all that matters.

Perky said...

Oh, poor cat. But hey, it wasn't intentional and I'm sure if you'd have seen the cat, you would've done your very best to avoid it :)

Paul said...

in order to break the killing precept, you got to have the intention to kill a living being. Since you dont have the intention, you are not breaking the killing precept.

Peng Loon said...

what were you doing in summit eh?