Sunday, February 15, 2009

On Craving for Travel

I have since last year made a resolution to go travel overseas at least once per year.

So it was Singapore in 2007, Cambodia in 2008, and well... 2009 is yet to be decided. But somehow there's this opportunity for overseas travelling in August. IF I pass my finals in July. And apparently, it's a 4 weeks elective period where we can either opt to stay locally or go overseas. Last year was spent in KL with the neurologist, it was a good experience sought. But this time round, despite still wanting to do something neurological, I was thinking of doing one overseas as well.

There were a few places in mind. Was thinking of Hong Kong before. What's more with Alan has an apartment and travels there quite frequently, it makes perfect gateaway. A superb one if he's there when I'm there.

That's only if I pass my finals and will be doing my elective with HKU.

And there was this wild dreams of doing elective in the Europe last year. But we sort of putting it on hold and decided that it shall be our graduation trip in 2011. IF I safely graduate med school.

But all the thought of travelling beyond ASEAN countries was fast forgotten until today when KK told me that some of the colleagues are already writing in and applying for elective programme in Australia. My eyes sparkled and I got excited again.

4 weeks overseas. Where should I choose? There is a bunch of seniors being attached in Singapore. Not sure where my buddy is. But I was still eyeing on Hong Kong. Some of them went to Taiwan last year. And I heard some of them wanted to go to India this year.

Not really a fan of Australia. Or New Zealand. Somehow it just didn't seem to be me... But 4 weeks should be spent somewhere 'large'. Don't want to spend 4 weeks becoming just a Hongkee.

And thus, possible countries flash before my thoughts. Japan? South Korea? The UK? The States? Or I should just go to the neighbouring Singapore? Canada seems a faaaar. So is the UK and the States. As Europe is put aside for the graduation trip, it's not really in the list. That leaves me with Australia and New Zealand. Just still, I don't really feel like it. Though the roomie said he would come together if we're going to New Zealand. That's a plus point then.

But then, it's still quite a while to go. So we're putting the plan on hold. After all, we're not even sure we could pass the finals!

Until just 15 minutes ago when I saw the advertisement on the Live Messenger.

Did you see it? Or you need some magnifying?

I want I want I want!!!!!!

10 Jujus:

TZ said...

Why not one go to Africa... should go there for elective. Good experience :)

Perky said...

If I were you, I'd just go. London's a great place... plus if you get bored with the place, you can always take the train to France & travel around Europe instead :)

JD Cole said...

hv u check wat's the gay hotspot in HK? ;P

Sam said...

Take me with you, I want to go as well - I love traveling!

Medie007 said...

tz, i considered abt africa, but we don have any affiliations there....

perky, i want to as welL! but no time ler...

jd cole, LAM KWAI FONG! hahahahahha no just kidding, i dunno any. haha

sam, sure sure. yay! a travel kaki!

jase said...

Oh take me with you too!! I would love to see the Queen!

joshua said...

When's your elective posting?

I wanna go do mine in UK too next spring!!! Wheee... let's go to Mykonos on weekends!!!


Danny said...

it's fun to plan for holiday huh? :)
it's also my plan to go for holiday once a year...

Medie007 said...

jase, only if i'm going la. else u have to go urself haha.

joshua, not sure when yet. but it's during the 4 weeks when some of the others are doing minor postings. should be around august to sept.

danny, i knw! hahaha. i. need. my. holidays. lol

Ban said...

Don't say if. Graduate!

(for me, i'd check the prices and locations then decide from there)