Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On a New Market

Let's see... I think it must have been eons since I last visited th market in the neighbourhood where we live. The last that I was there, it was the cleanest market in the city. We all took pride of that. Since we are not going to celebrate the CNY this year, Mum wasn't really rushing through preparing all the dishes or delicacies for the festive season. Somehow, things went really relax this year.

On the morning of the eve of CNY, we went out to the market. Mum said there isn't any leafy veges at home. So off we went, to the market where we used to shop for groceries. There are new malls in the city alright. But it's always the traditional one that could still bring back all those memories. Especially when it's the eve, it must've been packed like the sardine can in there! Apparently, Dad's mood changed too. He didn't grumbled and just willingly drove us there.

But the thing is, once we got there, we lost our mood altogether. Lo and behold. It's a street market. Literally.

Mum said it's been half a month or so since the municipal council approved the permit of setting up stalls on the parking ground. IF they were just selling flowers and veges, I'm still fine with it. But the thing is, they have fish and meat on the parking slot as well! So imagine all those smell. And water!

Rest assured, we didn't stop by and walked in the 'street market'. Even if mum did, I would stay in the car instead. What's with my plantar warts and all, I never feel comfortable walking on such filth grounds... Not especially when it's in the city! We're not actually going hiking are we?

So it ended up that we did our shopping in the supermarket in the new mall. Somehow the groceries sold there were pretty fresh too. Amazingly, they have preserved fish even! Packed shark fin, packed scallop and packed sea cucumber... I wonder what has happened to the old traditional market place. Sooner or later, all these technologies will swipe the typical wet market out from our lives!

Apparently, things has changed...Time really changes everything...

And manly masculine man goes groceries now too.

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JD Cole said...

well, isn't it quite a view to see masculine men going to groceries mart? ;P

raeshad said...

lol @ jd cole's comment XD

it is a view though xD

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

yah masculine man with wife. hehe... oh got 1.. but a bit meaty. hehe... can cook then :P

Nicholas Rashidee said...

is that boulevard i see~? gasp~!

*Anton* said...

So, you prefer the "meat" section then! :P lolz


Anonymous said...

My mom has been buying her veges and groceries in hypermarket like Tesco or Econsave cos she said it's much cheaper than the morning market where those sellers tend to raise the price as they wish.

Bengbeng said...

even here in Sibu, all wet markets except for the central market r slowly getting irrelevant. the scene u painted of meeting yr dad n mum...yr hat, tight t shirt n jeans..i hava a vivid picture in my mind :)