Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On a Silent Eve

As the tradition calls, reunion dinner was done over at Gradnpa's place this year. But somehow, it just seemed to be a little bit quiet this year. No doubt, the relatives who stayed locally are around, but most of the others who were elsewhere didn't turn up. Not to forget grandma's not around...

Dinner was a bit quiet, we sat with the cousins, not exactly who we were close to. While the older generations sat at the other table. So dinner was... quiet. And I thought the food weren't exactly that nice either. In the past, each family cooked 3 dishes and it'd be a table full of home-cooked meal. But as time passes by, it has turned into restaurant-ordered food. Yes it is easier, there won't be much hassle preparing and washing up, but the downfall would be that the food aren't as nice. It's just... I didn't quite enjoyed the food so to speak.

After dinner, we stayed out front in the living room. Watching television programme and catching up. The uncles were out in the yard playing poker. I just sat on the couch and dozing off. Little kids shouting and fighting over toys. Mum and the aunts chatting and talk about kitchen stuff. Boring really.

I guess I haven't been quite of a good child not telling my old folks I've been running around and going to places where they never knew I would be going. So when I took a can of Heineken, Mum was looking at me with this wondering look. "Since when did you learn how to drink?"

Everyone drinks, Ma. It's just a matter of want or don't want to.

Left for home 2 hours before midnight. Grandpa went to bed really early this year. And we stayed up watching fireworks in the balcony when midnight struck.

Not quite the blasting start of a New Year... After all, it seemed like everyone's having quite a grim look towards the coming year. But alas, hopes are there. Just wishing everything will be smooth and fine. Nothing fancy.

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JD Cole said...

let's not view the silentness as a sign of negative connotations ahead~ =)

Danny said...

happy cny..
sometimes plain thing can be very interesting and refreshing...depends on how u take it :)

Serm said...

sounds like my usual CNY gathering too!

TZ said...

Errrrr... sometime silent reunion dinner is quiet nice better than too many people... :)

Ban said...

I agree with the rest, silentness is okay. As long as not silently hating each other.

Interesting... at your age your mum expects you not to drink at all?

Medie007 said...

well... i thought it was just too quiet for a new year eve. suppsedly should have kids running around and aunties laughing out loud and me the quiet one sitting at the corner watching tv, like how it was in the previous years. rather than having a loud back noises, i ended watching tv in quite a pretty quiet house.

and oh ban, my mum calls me an alcoholic now. :S