Thursday, January 29, 2009

On the Fireworks Behind the House

I detest the government for banning firecrackers. And fireworks. What BULL!!! Want to know why? Because we get to see them free at the balcony of our house. It has since a few years ago, when fireworks started to pick up popularity in the neighbourhood that we have been having free fireworks show at the back of our house on CNY eve.

And this year was not exclusion.

As we came back from grandpa's place early, we hang around in the living room for about an hour or so before I went upstairs, setting up the camera on the tripod. Sis didn't bring back my compact, so I had to use the SLR. And the thing about SLR, despite being a high resolution camera that can capture magnificient photos, apparently lousy photographer here just don't know how to.

A friend once told me not to be bothered about the lighting whatever meter inside when we shoot fireworks, like how we do when we were shooting other things. So there's no need to control the shutter speed or whatever the width of that light entry thingy is called. Okay fine, I never was bothered to learn more about photography. Maybe I should. But I'll think about it first.

But then again, I still can't master the art of capturing photos of fireworks.

It started out fine really.



And then things went downhill.



To the extend of, lo and behod...

My eyeeeesss!!!! LMAO. Lots of that where it came from. But I think one is enough to turn you blind really.

So yeah, thank goodness the fireworks show lasted for 40 minutes. Otherwise I don't think I would have a dozen of nice fireworks pics at all! It started since 20 minutes before midnight to 20 minutes after midnight. The whole neighbourhood was covered in smoke. The smoke of CNY, I call it. Could barely see anything beyond 1m away by the end of it. And we smelt just like the smoke.

And if you must compare it with the photos from the show last year... Gosh I feel less of a photographer now.

Need a teacher... Must get a teacher... LOL

5 Jujus:

Serm said...

i like the 2nd pic! :)

TZ said...

get a wireless remote control... i'm using the remote control for all my fireworks photo :)

JD Cole said...

hurmmm...why is it there's less fireworks this year?

anyway, nice pics though~

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Fireworks is banned meh? I thought only firecrackers?

foongpc said...

How come I didn't see any fireworks during the CNY? The photos are not too bad : )