Friday, January 30, 2009

On the Master of Philosophy

Here's news. Sis continued her studies as she wished. She was accepted as a master student cum research assistant to this professor in some Mathematics department whatever. The last I heard, she said she needed to go out doing field trip and what nots. Ugh... Maths. I never liked anyways.

So it was the darnest conversation little brother told us between him and his friends.

His friends: Whoa, so your sister is a master student!
Brother: Yeah.
His friends: Master in what?
Brother: Philosophy.
His friends: NO KIDDING!
Brother: That's what it's called. Master of Philosophy.
His friends: Man, your family is so philosophi-cal. Like, everyone in your family can become philosopher. Imagine, Homer, Socrates... And all the Bongs.

Apparently, if I were him, I would be playing along too. Like, com'on, who talkes about doing Master of Philosophy right?

Sis: But it is called Master of Philosophy! In the field of applied Maths. That's what it is.
Dad: But no one ever talked about Master of Philosophy.
Sis: Whatever lah. Philosphy it is then. I'm a philosopher. I will write you a 300 pages book on why 1+1 is equal to 2.

Uhuh... Skip the crap, and tell me the answer straight. LOL. Or rather, give me Hermoine Granger, I won't need any philosophy then.

Two different things altogether I know. But what the heck. I can say the darnest thing as well.

8 Jujus:

Ban said...

Kah kah... your sis must be so frustrated with her two joker brothers.

Sam said...

300 pages on why 1+1=2?

Not reading. ;)

TZ said...

Philosopher and doctor... errrrr... sometime both will have different point of view ... kakaka :p

300 pages on why 1+1 = 2... not interested to read lah... if 1 + 1 not = 2 will draw my interest thot :p

Nicholas Rashidee said...

if the 300 pages got many nice colourful pictures, i will read la.. can get a pop-up version? ^^

isaiah said...

if both yr sis n u talk back to yr parents, they will b outgunned :)

JD Cole said...

300 pages on why 1+1=2

what the hell is that thing?

Jaded_Jeremy said...

It is true that some of the greatest mathematicians are also philosophers and vice versa.

Medie007 said...

ban, my sis ah... she'd had a few heart attack because of us before. hahahaha.

sam, dun have to.

tz,that's what i thought too!!! but 1 + 1 will always be 2. that's medical maths. hahaha

nicholas, even with colors and pop-ups, i'm sure u'll be bored in the end.

isaiah, that's a gooooood one! hahahahhaha

jd cole, it's a thesis? maybe. dunno. just a figure of speech lah, dun take it so seriously...

jaded jeremy, mmmm.... i'll rather be a normal guy. :P