Saturday, January 17, 2009

On Drooling for the Dude & Duchess

Dude!!!! I love you I love you I loooooveeee youuuuu!!!

Was walking around in the Gardens a while back when I came across this really oddly designed label. Odd that they are, they caught my attention straight away. Till the extend that I was so tempted to go and try them out, and perhaps get them all.

But with the thought that I've been spending a lot, like REALLY A LOT on expanding my wardrobe, I had to refrain myself from even touching them.

What really got to me was the jacket. Or whatever you fashion proffesionals call it.

Tempting tempting tempting!

Just that, I think I have enough jacket to last me till I'm 30. Provided I don't get a distended abdomen evidenced by extra fat. LOL.

13 Jujus:

TZ said...

Dude... dance more cookie jar ... then u will not be having the extra fat ... muhahaha :p

savante said...

Love them as well. And it's not that pricey!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Uummm 2nd and 3rd pic....remind me of Michael Jackson's fashion circa the "Thriller" era.

No, seriously. Google the pics up.

*Anton* said...

Eh, i thought you'll be shying away from all those shopping centres after your post on spending too much? Then again, old habits die hard i suppose! :P


Serm said...

there's another name for jacket meh? hur~ haha

JD Cole said...

there's another dude & duchess at bangsar village 2 shopping mall =)

Chester said...

i like the white one :)

i should go check it out.

Julian S said...

I could definitely relate to your experience here. I'm also a shopaholic. Have bought 6 tops and 4 bottoms for CNY but still looking forward to new year shopping. lol..

Julian S said...

hey, dude! try this shopaholic test:

Medie007 said...

TZ, but with CNY coming, do you seriously think i could? LOL

savante, it is to us students.

dramatic one, now that you mentioned it, yeah! LOL

anton, how so very true... can't help... :(

Medie007 said...

serm, i didn't know lar, just guessing. and if there really is another name for it, then i guessed right, right? :P

JD Cole, oh really? now let's see who's been shopping eh? LOL

chester, go check it out.

Julian, speaking about shopping eh? LOL

[SK] said...

well, it's CNY, get yourself new clothes for CNY!!! :p

Medie007 said...

haha [Sk], i have enough to last me a year dy. :P