Sunday, January 18, 2009

On a CK collar

Admittedly, I'm not that much of a fan of Calvin Klein except for the underwear. I'm too fat to wear the shirts or pants, or I'll look like a pamelo wrapped up in those keep-fresh wrapper... And hence, just CK for the undies.

But there was once a while ago when I went out with the Big Brother. I was looking for a pair of new shoes. He was looking for new year clothings. So we met up in Mid Valley for dinner after my class. We dropped by Isetan in the Gardens to check out what's interesting. Walked around and around when we finally entered the CK section.

Brother: This one is nice, don't you think?
Me: Yeaps. But I like the white one more.
Brother: My nipple will show later!
Me: Isn't that what you wanted? You'll look sexier!

Salesperson must've thought we're this gay couple or something. What's with two guys in shirts and jeans and sports shoes, how wouldn't the gaydar be ringing like mad?

Brother: It's quite cheap. I think I'm going to get this one. You want one?
Me: You're paying?
Brother: Err nope, get your own sugar daddy.

And so the choosing for the t-shirt finally was over. I was checking out Jonathan Cheng when he tapped me on my shoulder and groan...

Brother: I think I need my medicine. I'm high. Like, very very high.
Me: Huh? What was the trigger?
Brother: You know how much it all cost?
Me: I thought it was 100 bucks each?
Brother: I thought the one with the collar at the side was the same price. But it turned out to be twice the price of the t-shirt.
Me: Of course it would.

Brother: The collar alone costed 150 bucks!
Brother: Aren't you excited?
Me: That's half a pair of my shoes!

Like yeah. He kept on calculating and calculating... And finally came to a self-comforting conclusion that it's still not to exagerating. But me not being a CK fan...

Me: Still, it's like, as much as my jacket!
Brother: Your Key Ng was the out-dated design and was on 70% discount.
Me: Who cares when it's a jacket? And I got a jacket when you just got a collar?
Brother: A shirt damnit! A collar-ed shirt!
Me: That costed as much as a jacket.
Brother: It's Calvin Klein's. So shut up already...

Ugh. Overated.

10 Jujus:

JD Cole said...

CK Shirts on sale should be cheap lah~

but the sizes are quite big for me...

so, ironic u know...i'm kate moss skinny and kate moss is CK's model and yet i need to alter the shirt if i buy one :(

Danny said...

i think its more important issue here is :
can u carry the look . than what label it is....
( from a non-branded fan ;p )

Medie007 said...

JD, didnt think it was actually on sale lo... :P maybe u should wear wat kate moss wore... wait, that'll be female's apparel?

Danny, how so very true...

joshua said...

Yup I think what matters most is if the article of clothing flatters you and looks good on you.

Branding is pretty secondary... HAHA

But wait, till I show you what I purchased recently!

Ban said...

From a not brand conscious person, I have to agree that RM150 is too much to pay for a shirt.

Silencer said...

JD Cole,opps...then u must be very lean lor.... XD

Ck shirts r pretty cheap during the recent stock clearance. bought one myself.hehe.

Serm said...

i thought it's a pretty "acceptable" price for a CK..not that i'd buy it though :)

foongpc said...

Branded clothes is good for you if you can afford it and if you look good in it. Otherwise, just go for average brand or if still brand conscious, wait till the sale.

As for underwear, no need branded lah. Not many people get to see what. But of course, must be good quality and comfortable : )

[SK] said...

over-priced.. and see how many guys on the street is wearing that tee or shirt with a big CALVIN KLEIN printed on them?? oh, that's so "advertising" and so "loud" as if nobody knows what they are wearing, come to it, it's just calvin klein~~

Medie007 said...

joshy, show show show!!!

Ban, most people would think that.

silencer, not everyone are brand-whores.

serm, for the name, i thought so too. :P

foongpc, trust me, CK is very comfortable. it lives up to its name alright. :D