Wednesday, January 07, 2009

On Becoming a Singer

Everyone was tensed. The pressure was in the air. It was the first ward round with Prof. One. And no one knows what his style is like. Whatever the senior said was not applicable anymore. He didn't turn out to be as 'benign' as the doctors from the other departments. He asked that the ward to be covered, as in every patients in the ward must be clerked or approached. So we were assigned to the the patients. I don't know if it's my luck, I had 4 cases in hand when he came into the ward.

Prof One: Good morning Medie. How are you?

Medie007: Fine, Sir.

Prof One: So how many cases do you have?

Medie007: Today? Uh... erm... I have 4 still in the ward.

And he noded. Went over and asked the other colleagues. Before we know it, we were inside the playroom at the end of the ward. And we were to present all of our cases in summaries, whereby he'll start giving comments. In this really serious and monotonous tone. I swear you'll be having cold sweats if your heart hasn't been beating hyperactively.

He skipped me. He was muttering something. And he skipped me, and asked the next guy to present his cases. It was after 5 more colleagues when he returned to me.

So there I was, trying to present my cases according to his way of liking. In this shaky voice of mine due to tachycardia... Have prepared to be bombarded with lots of questions, and have prepared to be scolded for unable to answer them... As I was barely reading the textbook. It's already the third week in Paediatrics... And there's just 5 more weeks to go before the exam. God saves me!

He did gave lots of comments. Asking me to go back and read up on and around the cases I presented. Asthma. Febrile fits. Dengue fever. Acute bronchiolitis.

Just when he was moving on to the next colleague, he commented something extra. And unexpected. Something about my voice...

Prof One: Medie, do you sing? Are you a singer?

Medie007: Huh? Nope...

Prof One: No? You have nice voice actually. Can become a singer if you fail medical school.

Medie007 was stunned.

Prof One: But of course you won't.

And the class resumed as normal.

Now I'm itchy. A new year resolution maybe?

pics courtesy of juliacmunro and TracyJones

13 Jujus:

[SK] said...

yeah, maybe you can fly higher with a singing career :p

Calvin said...

The professor is actually mocking you. In his heart, he has predicted that you will probably not gonna make it through as a doctor by the progress you made so far under his supervision, that's why he suggested you change your career to be a singer instead. He's making fun of you again in front of everyone else. You got to buck it up and prove to him that you score the exams with flying colours! STUDY HARD!!! I want to see a good doctor in the making.

Medie007 said...

[sk], i croak. i dun sing.

calvin, thanks for the advice. but at this progress i'm making, there's no way he is helping. he shall stop putting anymore pressure, then i can progress.

Sam said...

The singing doctor? Hmmm.

*Anton* said...

He doesn't know that you may prefer singing after some bar-hopping, rite? :P


Medie007 said...

Oh well Sam, nothing's wrong with the singing doctor right? If anything, it's just another past time. :P

Ant, I didn't go bar-hopping!

OMG! You saw me!

JD Cole said...

well, at least we know what u will be if u dun make it at med school ;P

time to go and hv karaoke every weekends then *wink

Bengbeng said...

post a video of yrself singing without yr face of coz?

Nicholas Rashidee said...

as long as you don't sing songs with medical jargons in the lyrics LOL ^^

foongpc said...

I wonder which is tougher, to be a singer or a doctor?

Medie007 said...

JD, touch wood! of course i want to finish my school!

bengbeng, no way i'm gonna do that. blek

nicholas, if i ever ended up as a singer lah.

foongpc, no idea. u should talk to a doctor who also sings. :P *hinting*

TZ said...

dude, i thot only frog croak... doc also croak ??? :p Anyway, all the best to your subject ... looking forward to see you have the DR. in front of your surname :)

Let's go Karaoke... errrr... oh forgot to let you know i don't sing :p I can do the eating while you sing.

Medie007 said...

get one that serve good food. i'll pay to eat there