Sunday, December 28, 2008

On Going Ice Skating

Sis asked if I wanted to go ice skating weeks ago. She knows both me and little brother will be around this long weekend, so she had the plan set out. I was pretty reluctant. Little brother was okay with it. But sis was really anticipating.

And so that was how we ended up in the skating rink in Sunway this afternoon.

So he fell. *MUAHAHAHA*

And he fell again... *MUAHAHAHA*

And he pulled me down together. *NO FAIR!*

To the extend I needed about 1 whole minute to stand up. *BLARDY HELL!*

And my white undies showing through the white pants. *OOO SMEXY!*

Anyways, little brother gave up after skating for 30 minutes. He complained of body aching. Who wouldn't be after falling so many times right? I only fall once because I skated once before, and my first experience was just as bad.

But when I asked him to try again, he pouted his lips and refused to buldge from his chair. He just sat there and grumpily complained of headache and what not. Even sis's advice went in vain.

Kudos to the sister though. She was able to walk slowly without holding onto the wall or whatever thingy it's called by the end of the day. Or rather that was what it was, since we left the rink after 1.5 hours. None of us can stand the gloom of the whole place when little brother was sitting there like everybody's offended him.

And he continued to be grumpy the whole day after the ice-skating. Until we went for our retail therapy, which left me grumpy afterwards... Bleh.

8 Jujus:

AJ said...

u feeling grumpy after retail therapy??

Medie007 said...

yes AJ... very very grumpy

TZ said...

LoL... Medie007 falls on the rink ... muhahaha...

there is a method to learn ice skating which i learnt it @ Canada... Next time i could show your bro how to skate... as easy as ABC :p

Sam said...

You're supposed to make yourself better after retail therapy - not worse. :P

[SK] said...

envious you guys have fun
pain on butt after three fell
grumpy x gloomy

you got the maths?? hehe :p

foongpc said...

You must have laughed at your little brother when he fell otherwise why was he so discouraged?

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

its not abt skating geh. its abt relationship. ur bro aint heavy. he's ur bro. dont la bully ur bro. :P

Little Dove said...

How I wish I can skate with my siblings. Treasure the wonderful moments. :)