Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Trying Salsa

So here's a very rare post. Never thought I'd actually blog about. But I guess I was too excited I'm going to write about it today.

See, I didn't know it was going to be a salsa class. I just went to the studio, right before the class started and the dance instructor came in to tell us, "Hey, it's a one time only salsa class. If you really like it, then shake your body, if you don't, leave!" Of course in a joking way. But I stayed. Salsa won't be that difficult anyways.

Attendees to the class was, I guess, almost 70% were of females. With some guys of course. Not to mention guys who have this Tyra's hand gesture, and talked with motions of their hands all over the air... Of course, some other 'normal' guys like myself *ahem*, as well as one pretty buffed up guy in singlet standing at the back of the studio like myself. Right, of course I'm normal. Nothing wrong with a guy trying out salsa. There were some other guys in the class as well!

And then, the instructor started the class. Blardy lousy PA system that I could barely make out what he was saying, and the Latin song covering up his voice. So you can guess I was trying my best to follow his moves.

Shake shake your body. Da da da. To the left, and the right, and shake your hips, and shake your booties. Chest for the guys. Whoa lift your arms and pap pap pap.

But after two Latino songs, I decided, this is it. I shall leave the studio.

I can barely keep up the moves. And heck, even I have really flexible hips, I still can't shake my hips to the tune. I was like, GOSH! THIS IS SO AWKWARD! Luckily I was standing at the back of the studio that, I don't really feel uber awkward in front of the ladies. And I'm sure if there's a video camera recording the class, I'm the stupid rigid robot at the corner.

I walked out of the studio at the end of the second track, passing by the buffed up guy, and giving him this wicked smile. Like giving him this mind signals, Salsa is not my thing. Am not going to waste my time in Salsa class if I can't shake my hips well and make a joker out of myself. Not that I'm saying it's a ladies thing, I know guys who do Salsa are really sexy. But, if I want to learn Salsa, it should always be a smaller class, with special attentions.

So, I was so wrong when I thought "Salsa... won't be that hard lah!". Damn me I should never said that... Therefore, from now on, I salute guys who really can dance.

credits of photos to
Mark Klotz and tommyimages_com

9 Jujus:

Chester said...

I do my salsa until 2nd level. :)

once you master the rythm of the beat, you be automatic flow with it.

nase said...

not a bad life for you, eh. enjoy it dude. community clinic posting will be long gone before you realise it.

[SK] said...

hmmmm, not only flexible hips, but overall body synchronisation and adaptation to the music rhthym actually.. :p

TZ said...

errrr.... I'm a gym person but not a dancer... moreover i'm shy when come to dancing :-p Especially shaking my butt.

joshua said...

LOL I felt some sores during my first few attempts at real salsa.

Quite traumatising, grr... Don't worry! You will get the hang of it!


Janvier said...

We'll stick to BodyJam. There's lots more hip-swinging in Salsa we don't think we'd ever get to.

Medie007 said...

chester, dun think i'll want salsa again.

nase.. it's all taking toll on me studies. :( sobs

Medie007 said...

TZ, must try! hahaha try more and u'll be less shy. :P

joshua... I AM FRANTICALLY STUDYING! praying to God i'll pass my exams

janvier... jam??

Jason said...