Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On Accidentally Seeing My Child

Psst. Here's a secret.

I have a kid.

Saw him this morning. At the maternal child health clinic at the community clinic in Bukit Kuda Klang (now that I mentioned it, come save me from boredom!!!). He's already one year old, and he's at the clinic for his MMR injection.

I didn't really noticed him at first until my partner went over and played with him. He was really active. Jumping up and down and moving all over wanting to get out of his push-cart. I went over and looked at him. He's so like me.

Big head. Big face. Square jaw.

Be good my son. Study hard. Grow up into a good man. And be filial to your parents...

Here's a golden phrase for all you readers to ponder on,
"The one who taught us how to speak when we were still a toddler, are always the ones who we ask to shut up after we grow up."

4 Jujus:

*Anton* said...

You mean you looked as cute as him? :)

pikey said...

the kid looks cute !!

Medie007 said...

Anton, oh you bet I was. :D

pikey, yeaps! he's cute!

TZ said...

Dude, he doesn't look like you lah... you are cuter :-p