Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On a Quattro soft-launch

I seldom frequent clubs in KL. No doubt I have always feel like wanting to. I just couldn't find the right group of people to go. Yes there were the ones who went to Euphoria with me. But sometimes it's pretty hard to ask again. Until Melvin asked if I wanted to tag along for the soft launch of a new club in KL city.

Quattro: One avenue transcending 4 seasons.

It's located in Avenue K, just opposite KLCC. Basically, the concept that they brought in was, they have the rooms of different theme. Spring lounge. Summer restaurant. Autumn club. Winter bar. I thought it was cool when Melvin showed me the link to the new place. Though I was a bit hesitant at first what's with exam coming and all, but I agreed to tag along finally. It's the soft launch of a club. How often do you get that right?

We reached the place roughly half and hour before the soft launch, and people are already crowding out front. Peoples. Literally. Some were dressed in formals. Some just like myself. Shirt and jeans. And I have to admit some are really good looking too.

Melvin got to enter as a media, while I don't know what was my functioning there, I just followed him around while he did his job.

As a media, or rather, friends of the media, I get to try out at the Summer restaurant. They served a gastronomical medley of Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian , French and Italian cuisine. That's how they put it in the pamphlets. Food was nice. Beer was even nicer. LOL. The club offer free flow drinks till 10p.m.. With a catch, only beer I think. The bar-tender asked me to pay for Guiness. So I was like, uh, Tiger then. LMAO.

We ventured into all the other rooms. Winter bar is cold. All the bartenders were wearing bush jackets. I doubt I could even hang out in that place. Or hmmm... I wonder if I got my running nose from the bar.

There is a small room in the further end of the Winter bar, where the chairs and tables are made of ice. Plain ice cubes. Only 5 persons are allowed at one time. Temperature control I suppose. Melvin went in when I thought it was snowing, but he came out saying it was foam... Disappointment? I don't know. Didn't attempt to enter the snow room.

The crowd was mainly in the Autumn club. Where the deejays were. Bar counter was packed with alcohol-thirst guests. I was curious what I could get for free from the counter, but having had like, 2 glasses of Tiger, and some head banging to the music, I knew I was getting something already. Thank God though, I was still able to walk straight and didn't knocked into someone with a glass full of drink.

After finally decided to call it a night at the club, Melvin and I had our last glass of beer in the Spring lounge. And that, got me beaming for the next half an hour. If you know what I mean.

Personally, I don't know what to think. It's a cool place. Prolly a bit small. Since the website was saying it occupies one third of the the facade of the building, so I thought it would have been bigger. Haven't really fully enjoyed the place, after all we were there for about an hour and a half. Maybe next time. Maybe...

Lastly, this is not a sponsored post.

And all the photos uploaded are courtesy of Melvin Foong.

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Danny said...

interesting concept..
just hope that it will liven up that dead place ~ Avenue K. ;p

Anonymous said...

seriusly ur fren is kewl.

can intro?