Monday, October 20, 2008

On Digging My Own Grave

Well... End of posting written exam for my medical posting falls on the 20th of October. There's a Epidemiology end of course test on the 22nd of October. Bed side physical examination short case exam starts on Tuesday the 21st with the first group. Have yet to know when Dr. C wants to do our group.

And everyone was busy studying... Hoping for the best to pass the exam as all these little marks DO count.

Yet... On Friday the 17th, I packed a bag of clothes, my Epidemiology notes (although I know I'm not going to read it anyways), and I left the hostel roughly at 5p.m.. Drove all the way to UM, and met up with Melvin. We headed downtown KL for...

The soft launch of Quattro.

And then we headed over to Maison.

Knowing I'd most prolly lament and complain and whine and cry over my performance in the exam later on, I myself wonder why am I there myself. My therapy? Hmmm. Let's see... Might be. Or rather, I think I'm just being lazy and playful.

Shall wait for the photos before I do a full post on the clubs. Or bar. Or lounge. Whatever it is.

But no, I'm not a club junkie!!!

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Janvier said...

Club junkie.


Anonymous said...

you are irresponsible to ur poor guy..