Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On End-of-Posting Joy

It's over!!! IT'S OVER!!!

Finally after 6 weeks of gruesome torture, pun intended, which was no where near gruesome, the medical posting is finally over. What a joy! What a relief! What a... I know I'm going to miss it.

But then again, I know I haven't been studying. Or studying hard enough for this posting. I took forgranted that I would be able to do things fine. That I seldom go to the ward as compared to those who sleep in the ward. Those who were there 24/7 that turns out to annoy most of the patients as well as their own colleagues. But well, thank goodness I wasn't as kiasu or anywhere near that. Which, back to my main point, I wasn't kiasu enough that I haven't been doing enough of my studying.

But it's all too late now. Had my written exam on Monday, as mentioned. Not sure how I done. Wouldn't want to expect anything. Am keeping my fingers crossed no doubt. Cases were a mess, so my answers were messy as well. Will be having a bedside short case exam with the doctor today, followed by a epidemiology test in the afternoon.

Which, if you still haven't get the drift, it's OVER!!!!!!! Soon. In another 8 hours I'm a free man, no more a medical man. Or rather, I think us in the group will become Obstetrics&Gynaecology people. Which, ugh... I can't imagine not puking over vah-jay-jay.

But it's too soon to tell. Who knows I may actually like this pink squishy speciality right?

That leaves me thinking, I have Friday off. Saturday and Sunday. And Monday Deepavali holiday. It's a LOOOOOONG weekend hello! And I was wondering where should I be going. I need to go out. I need to go out! I NEED TO GO OUT!

I was in Singapore Christmas last year. So it would be nice to say I'm spending my Deepavali in Singapore 2008 as well. But I suppose I was too late in informing friends that I'd be going down, that if I email them now, it'll be like, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER!!!" and it'll go hoo hah distorting everyone's plans. Yea right, like I'm that likable.

So I was thinking again, maybe I'd just do a road trips. Drive to Malacca maybe. Or Seremban. Or perhaps to Kuantan. Maybe Ipoh! But yes, it comes down to the company. All the colleagues are back to their hometown. I know KK's fleeing after the epidemiology test this afternoon. Most of the other in the brotherhood are as well I presume.

But it downed to me again. Why travel so far when I actually wanted a long break just to kick back and stay on bed right?

So... Yeah. I'm still undecided. Knowing me...

I'm so excited! Weee!!! Shall figure out what to do tonight when it's all over. Shogun and Jagoya are out since groupmate thought it's too expensive. Clubs are cool, one suggested Euphoria, which I went, eewww again?! Or maybe the bars! Could always check out Frangi. Teehee! The girls will be fine lah. Or... one of them suggested we go play instead. Hmph. Skating rink huh? I rather go for movies then. Blergh. What an anticlimax.

Rest assured, I'm going to force them to do what I want. MUAHAHAHA.

Now if you were actually wondering, I haven't have my exam and I'm already thinking what to do after the exam, yeah that's me. Have always been. Will always be.

So now you know one thing about AhBong that he never openly tells anyone over the cyberspace. :D

Ugh! what a un-glamorous post on the closure of my first posting of my first clinical years....

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Legolas said...

More torture to come in the future...

Bengbeng said...

like u said it is over n u r oledi thinking ahead :) go on n enjoy yr weekend. why limit yrself to a drive. fly over

Zyklon22 said...

If u make it to Malacca come find me. I'll be home this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo...zyklon is inviting you over, ahbong. Hehehe... Can I join too?

Twilight Zone said...

Ah Bong, you sound so free and happy like a bird. Spread your wings and enjoy. Chill out!

Anonymous said...

vah-jay-jay will be good for u...a change from touching/jerking off ur own penis...:P


raeshad said...

enjoy it while it lasts :D

Ah-Bong said...

leggie jahat...

bengbeng, takde duit la...

zyklon, coming coming!

calvin, come along lah.

Ah-Bong said...

twillight zone, i am!!!

alphie... you perv. boo :P

raeshed... it's coming to an end before i know it... :(