Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On Following the Consultant

We were in ward 8B with Dato' Prof. KL, one of the top nephrologist in the country, when he was utterly disappointed with us as we didn't cover all the patients in the ward. He went whose patient is this, and someone would say it's his, yet he can't present the long case since he didn't clerked the patient. Prof. KL kept his temper really controlled.

Prof: Who's the TL? Team leader??? What's happening?

He looked at me.

Prof: Bong.
Me: Erm, we're covering the other ward, not this one.
Prof: I know. You look like the TL. Very serious.

When finally one of us presented the long case, he was asking this and that and commented that we should be doing this and that, when suddenly he commented.

Prof: See, Bong looks so bored at the back.

And everyone turned to look at me. Gosh. Did he see me yawning?? I was really sure I wasn't opening my mouth!

But it was a really good session. To have one of the really superb consultant coming down to teach us. Not that I can really remember anything from it, but at least we got our current TL to finally listen to our plead to divide the patients and not randomly go in and clerk them as we wish. It happened on the first week, and everything was a horrible mess. Yet he, annoyingly disagreed to our idea of dividing amongst ourselves and insisted that we should clerk any patients as we wish. Problem with that is, you'll miss out the patients. And in the end, the doctor would bark at you for not doing your job.

So yay, we did our 2nd attempt of dividing the patients in the ward. Shall maybe blog about one of them young chinese guy I clerked last Friday, 23 years old but down with diabetes... But there's 4 more, where one of them came down of sepsis shock while another came down due to dengue. Interesting interesting... At least I won't be going into the ward not knowing who to go to now.

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savante said...

OMG! Scary consultants!

Legolas said...

I wonder what'll happen to me if I studied medical.

Cyclohelix said...

even the fresh MO's are scary to me, they will start rambling what they see not fit, so prepare for the worst!

Ah-Bong said...

savante: told you. consultants are not who you want to mess with

leggie: you'll do just fine lah

cyclo: fresh MOs yes. frustrated with us too.

cc said...

Sometimes your work days seem like episodes of scrubs. LOL