Monday, September 08, 2008

On Ending Life

He's 18. Quite fair, and pretty good looking. He's lying motionless on the bed, with a nasal prong attached and he's on IV drip of sodium chloride or something.

I didn't ask what's his reason to be in the hospital. But instead, I just headed over and opened his record.

This was what I see:

-Patient broke off with girlfriend
-Then locked himself in toilet
-Ingested 2-3 mouthful of floor detergent
-Vomitted 4 times in A&E
-Felt dizziness and weak after drinking detergent
-No abdominal pain, no shortness of breath, no ingestion of other drugs
-Gastric lavage done at A&E

How fragile people can be. Ending their own lives like that.

Breaking up is one thing. Picking yourself up is another thing. And facing the facts and continue living is another thing. If you cannot accept the fact that another person doesn't love you as much anymore, doesn't neccessarily mean it's the end of the world. Everyday there are people struggling to stay alive. Every single day there are the cancer patient suffering from chemotherapy wishing they're healthy. Every minute there are renal failure patients undergoing dialysis wondering why it happened to them.

Yet some people, who lived a healthy live, loved all so dearly by their families, opted to end their lives just because some girl decided to leave them.

Poor fella.

But yea, I understand what it's like to lose in a relationship. Been there done that. And yes, I used to have the thoughts of ending my own life as well. But I guess I'm glad I didn't. Time heals. And help us grow.

Bless him be. Hopefully he'll walk out of the hospital a healthy boy again and live the rest of his life with postive outlook.

For never in any religion, is it rightful to end your own lives...

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pikey said...

When he has recovered physically, I suppose he needs counseling as well..

cc said...

Sometimes thought rises up at a speck of moment can decide life or death. Just hope when that happens, there's someone there to hold their hands.

Ah-Bong said...

pikey, just hope he'll treasure his life more lo.

cc, very true indeed.

Twilight Zone said...

No one should ever commit suicide. One sutra book explained that the victim will repeat his suicide act daily at the same time, same place till the age he's supposed to die naturally. Some psychics could see Leslie Cheong jumping off the hotel everyday. Eeeeee

plusmy said...

brave enough to suicide but not brave enough to live...I call it bravery fool...