Saturday, September 06, 2008

On Being Shorter

HOW CAN!?!?!?!

I cannot believe it.

I really cannot believe it.

I'm supposed to be taller!

I must be taller.

I used to be 178cm.

But of late, I sort of shrinked.

The last I measured, I was 176cm. I brushed the results away by giving excuses that the measurement isn't correct.

Somehow, today, I found out I'm just 177cm.


I'm not supposed to be shrinking! I'm 21 years old for all that matter, and I'm not suppose to shrink just YET. I'm too early to have a negative height growth....

5 Jujus:

savante said...

Aiks. The INcredible shrinking man! Next time don't hunch.

pikey said...

and soon u will be joining Sam and Frodo???

Legolas said...

I'm always short, so no complain.

Little Dove said...

I bet you are taller than most of your classmates!

Ah-Bong said...

savante: i don't hunch... i stand tall...

pikey: wont be till that extend kua...

legolas: lol

little dove: not really. there are some taller ones.