Sunday, August 10, 2008

On Going to the Studio

Mum suggested that we visit the studio for a photoshoot when sis graduated. After all, we never had any photos taken in a studio for a very long time by now. The last was like, about 4 years ago when sis first entered university. And that too, was just ONE pose.

So, before the parents come over, sis and I were put in charged with the arrangements of all these stuff. The preparation for the convocation, photoshoots, dinner bookings and stuff. I asked some seniors if they've had ever did photoshoots for their convocation, and learnt that they visited various studios around the valley. Somehow, sis got a pamphlet regarding immortalizing the moment and it wasn't long before we were all settled with one in Petaling Jaya.

The photoshoot was re-scheduled 4 times. From Saturday morning to Saturday afternoon, to Sunday noon, and back to Saturday evening. Things were a bit rushy on Sunday as the parents' flights back home were at 5, and they wanted to send the brother back to college en-route to the airport. And coincidently, the brother's class on Saturday was canceled. That was how we all settled for the evening.

Saturday came. The brother and I went to have our haircut, not in conjunction with the photoshoot, but since our hairs were rather long already, might as well just have it done. Mum went to set her hair in the same place while sis went to have a hair treatment done. We were all set in suits and ties and the most beautiful dresses for the long-planned photoshoot. Somone in the house even joked that we're like, the CEO or the board of directors of some company, toying around with my dream of setting up my own company called Bogn. *LMAO* . Funny thing was, the board of directors were riding in a Proton Iswara instead of Merz. "Reccession, we don't need to waste money on transport," Mum joked.

The board of directors of Bogn Inc. arrived at the studio 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Sis were treated with free proffesional make-up while the rest of us waited and camwhored in our suits and ties and evening dress. When finally we were all set, we were led to the photoshoot studio in the 1st floor. I was amazed. The place was really beautiful. Not to mention all those umbrella with lights for the camera. But generally, the setting itself was amazing. So there we were, having our photos taken by some proffesional photographer. Canon EOS with some special lens I suppose.

The whole photoshoot lasted for one hour. Just 18 photos. And pretty funny. I couldn't help myself from laughing when the photographer asked the one to be in the photo to tilt his/her head slightly, nod a bit, smile a bit, turn to the right a bit, lean forward a bit... yada yada... Sis being the main subject in this series of photoshoot, complaint of jaw numbness after one whole hour maintaining the so-called perfect smile.

Anyways, we got to choose which photos we wanted to include in the album. Of 18 photos taken, there'd only be 10. Any additional photos were charged at 30 bucks each. Blardy hell. The manager's power of persuasion were of a doctorate level however, we added 2 more into the album. Sis brought another sets of photos which were taken when she went up the stage in her Hogwart's robes to receive her scroll from the Toh Puan last Thursday, got them waxed and framed. Overall, the expenses involving photos alone, cost up to 1 grant.

And so, Dad frowned. But I looked as if I'm getting married. I fall in love with me in my G2000 blazer. *LMAO*

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Jason said...

Nice suit but why blacken your eyes!?

ckw said...


anyhow i'm sure u guys love the photo till bits

NotHamsap said...

oh wow! nice photoshooting!

I am envious of you!!! to be honest, my family has never had a photoshoot in the studio! never that formal :)

Ah-Bong said...

guys, it was photoshopped. so darken the eyes and blur out the face a bit. :D

and thanks jason! me likey my suit too! :D

ckw, yeaps, we love the photo to bits, still waiting for the final product due in one month

Ah-Bong said...

nthamsap, those aren't the photos from the photoshoot ler. i took them while we were waiting for our turn to be photoshoot. :P

u should try once. it's kinda like, something huge you'll be looking forward to. LOL

Legolas said...

Big event. Well, I didn't take photo with my parents for the graduation photo. I don't think anybody is looking at the photo now anyway.

Silencer said...

your eyessssssss...are special...