Saturday, August 23, 2008

On Euphoric Clubbing

On account of the plans I set for the Friday night, we did went over to Sunway Lagoon Resort although I was pretty tired having been driving down to Klang, cleaned the room and coming back to PJ again. I was exausted to be honest. And pretty darn sleepy as well. By 10, KW finally came back from Klang and I kept on ushering him to get ready as soon as possible. For what I know, HL and Dr. Sharen were driving from Klang as well. They checked into the hostel earlier in the day and will already be staying in the hostel.

When we finally gotten ready, we headed over to the club. Bear in mind though, I never went to a club before. So I was really really nervous. I won 2 free passes online and was entitled to bring a guest. Initial target was KK, who would also be the roomate in Klang. But since Dr. Sharen was ever so excited about it all, and she was the first I broke the plan to, she insisted that she gets to be the partner. Okay fine. But in the end, I don't know how the 2 settled it. It might ended up that they both share the cover fees.

We reached the club around 11p.m. Guards in suits were standing ever so manly outside the entrance. We heard another bunch of people entering, and was told that their box can only accomodate 4 person, and that cost 400 bucks. Lo and behold. There were 12 of us. All of my housemates went, KK, KW, CH, YL, IS, ML and myself; as mentioned, HL and Dr. Sharen drove from Klang; Michael, CK and HJ came over from hostel in med school. So I went over and ask how the whole thing works, stupid eh? Only then I found out the cover charge was 50 per person, including a house drink. While me and Dr. Sharen got to enter for free, with a bucket of Tuborg, the rest entered themselves.

The moment we stepped into the club, my heart were about to explode. The sound system was humungous. Standing below the giant speaker alone could make me feel the vibration of air. No kidding. KK walked in and signalled his heart almost exploded. I claimed my bucket of Tuborg (which I didn't really had much of, when IS finished up 6 bottles), and we danced the night away. It's always hard to make the first step. HL said just dance away, since no one actually know us in there. And that led to the whole night of crazy shaking on the dance floor.

It was indeed a euphoric experience. My ear still hung onto the vibration, I'm so scared I would become deaf. Even now after nearly 15 hours, there's still the "iiiinggg" inside my ear. Since the other housemates also still having that, and the only effect was everything seems to be less loud, I suppose it applied to everyone else as well. We left the dance floor at 3.15a.m., and as expected, my calf is still in pain.

Here's something I got from the net:

1) What also makes EUPHORIA special is that it is the first Ministry of Sound (MoS) London’s own branded nightclub to open in Malaysia, in Sunway Lagoon Resort. It has space enough to accommodate 1500 clubbing enthusiasts all night, and was officially launched on the 2nd of July 2008.

2) There are 118 speakers in EUPHORIA to ensure the brilliant sound is audible everywhere (except in the bathrooms!).

3) Its sound system comprises over 100,000 watts – the same amount of power could lift a small aircraft.

4) DJ booth has more controls than the cockpit of a 747 aircraft. Ten individual computers are dedicated to operating sound, lighting and cranes.

5) Two fully vibrating dance floors (even MoS London only has one) – this adds another dimension to the powerful sound and amazing lights, and is a definite first for Malaysia.

6) The sound insulation could cover the entire soccer field, not only for better sound quality but to prevent noise pollution to the outside world.

source: Voize: Euphoria launch, One stop clubbing Portal, Euphoria Official Website

That explained the persistant ringing in the ear...

But we had fun. During supper cum early breakfast, someone even joked that we're the founders of the Clubbing Society. Anyone else who wanted to join would have to pay a certain amount of entrance fee, while we gets lifetime membership free. *LMAO*

There. Euphoria took away my clubbing virginity. Also a few others who went last night. Nothing of what I had in mind happened. We didn't initiate anything as well. We saw quite some really really beautiful ladies, and I saw a man trying to asked some of them ladies to dance. But most of the others who danced at the dance floor came in groups. I suppose it's always fun to hang out with close friends in everything.

To be honest, I didn't know what Ministry of Sound is before this.

But us Clubbing Society, maybe we might dance the night away again in the future.

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Legolas said...

Clubbing... urgh. Prefer fine dining. Hehe.

NotHamsap said...

haha, yeh i am not a big fan of clubbing. I would prefer going to the mamak!!! and hang out till dawn. and not to forget, drive up to genting for the sunrise :)

savante said...

Got into the fever, eh :) Enjoy it!

Cedric Ang said...

I was there !!!!

Cedric Ang said...

Oh sorry I did not notice you posted on Saturday ..

I was there on Wednesday.
TEee Hee!

Little Dove said...

Ah Bong is 'deflowered'! ;p

Ah-Bong said...

leggie, it was my first. but so far, i'm a 50-50 on both clubbing and fine dining. ;) fine dining kinda give me the pressure. :P

nothamsap: me likey mamak as well. and me likey hang out till dawn. especially when there's good company.

savante, friday night fever? LOL. i'm having slight sore throat actually

Ah-Bong said...

cedric, wednesday eh? how come clubbing on a weekday night? LOL

little dove, yeapsie. the long awaited and anticipated deflowerization. haha

HuEYLiNG said...

EUPHORIA took my 'clubbing-virginity' too... i guessed, there will be a '2nd time' after the '1st-time'.. haha...

welcome to 'clubbing CLUB".... ^^

Cedric Ang said...

I wasnt clubbing. I was on assignment.

btw .. u are cute ..

Ah-Bong said...

hueyling, didn't know u read my blog as well. haha!

cedric, what assignment? and how do u know which one is me?

Jason said...

Oh good! I so feel like clubbing >.<

Cedric Ang said...

I want to club with Jason .. he's so cute!

Ah-Bong said...

there you go Jason. someone wants to club with u! :P