Friday, July 18, 2008

On the Start of the Nightmare

It's finally our turn! The once in a year faculty orientation... *yay!*

State junior #1

State junior #2

State junior #3
And I replied:
That was as far as I went.

YL on the other hand, didn't get any greetings from his state juniors. Yet CT and KW have got all the state juniors. Annoyed, he called this guy who will be entering KW's buddy line and spoke in a very serious tone.
"Have you greet all the seniors from your state?"

"Yes senior."

"How many seniors are there from your state?"



"yada yada yada... YL."

"So you're confirmed you've sent your greetings to all your state seniors?"

"Except for senior YL."

"Why except from him?"

"Because we couldn't find his number."

"So you just forget about him?"

"No seniors, we're still looking for his number..."

"I'm really disappointed with your batch. It's been 2 weeks and you've yet to find out all the numbers."

5 seconds later, ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. ring. All the state juniors sent their greetings.

It was 1.30a.m..

Apparently, I'm very benign, no? *sniggering*

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Legolas said...

Gasp! I am very against junior orientation especially those evil ones. It is a very bad cycle and filled with vengeance. I basically look down on such person when I was in university.

Don't make other people's lives difficult if you don't want yours to be difficult. Well, unless the other people are very evil people who totally deserve to make their lives really very difficult.

Poor juniors...

Glog said...

You guys...
Thank god I am in a college that looks like a tuition centre...
No such thing as orientation...

Ah-Bong said...

leggie dear... not everyone are evil lar. there are always the good and super nice ones around. *hint hint* plus, we were juniors before too.

glog, it might be a nightmare for the jrs, but it's fun. this year it's their nightmare, next year onwards they're going to find it fun already.

Zyklon22 said...

I hate these orientations. Seniors should be put to the death sentence. I certainly never ever bowed down to my seniors and participated in this blatant attempt of emotional bullying even when I was a freshman. More so, my juniors were lucky they had such a lax senior.

But no wonder I'm not popular among the seniors.

Ah-Bong said...

you never attempt to enjoy the orientation that's why. and like i said, not every seniors shout at thier juniors blindly. there are always the benign seniors who could never raise their voice anyways...

besides, i find it quite true what one of the final year seniors told the first year, that they have to be trained to take such emotional distress. it could be worse when houseman comes. so i've heard as well.