Saturday, July 19, 2008

On the Cockroach War

It was 1a.m. when the 2 guys were going to sleep when KW saw something blackish climbing on the wall.


CT jumped up instantly, "WHERE? WHERE? WHEREEE???!?!?!"

So KW, CT and myself were chasing the cocroach around in the bedroom, pushing the plastic drawers, study table, luggages and everything aside just so that we could find the cockroach. Yet, even with my experience of trapping 5 cockroaches in a plastic bag and squash them to death, this new one manage to save himself. Lucky bug.

CT went to sleep not in peace that night.

* * * * *

2 days later...

CH was holding something between his thumb and his pointer finger. He slipped up slowly behind CT and slowly move his hands towards CT's stomach.

!@_)@#(&$#^% The chairs tumbled over as CT jumped up screaming. "FUCKER!!!!" I was surprised to such an over-reaction, only to find CH was actually holding a roach and was trying to scare CT.

Blardy hell.

Apparently, it wasn't the same cocroach that was in our room. KW said the one that escaped 2 nights ago has yet to be found...

CT came squatting in our house for this 6 weeks before we move to Klang. He wasn't able to stay in his previous residential college, and was too late in applying to another one on the other side of the campus. Without a shelter, we took him in. Whoa, now he sounded abandoned. *LMAO*

But anyway, it was fun still. Although it's getting a bit... messier, we get to have someone so talkative in the house now. At least for the remaining 6 weeks we're still in PJ.

4 Jujus:

Legolas said...

Why the house got so many roaches?

恒爱JANE said...

Lols, that was a very nice trick..Pst, next time try a frog or lizard? ROFL :P

William said...

So black one? Species apa ni?

Ah-Bong said...

leggie.. have no idea. after each killing, 2 days later a new one comes in. frustrating... a lot.

jane: those are REAL roaches lar.... frog and lizard... nope.. no way

william, dunno lar wat species also. :P roomate said it bites as well. 0.o i wonder if that's why he had fever.