Sunday, July 20, 2008

On Pretty Guys and Girls

We have this tradition of voting the top ten most beautiful girls and handsome boys amongst our batch during the orientation month. The prettiest and most handsome would be 001, followed by 002, up till 010. I could barely remember the top 10 in my batch, but I know KW and ML were in the top 10. And, apparently, Anthony the 2nd year buddy is ranked 3rd amongst the guys in his. Coincidently, I brought my camera for the CPR programme which was held in the morning before the first years came in for orientation in the afternoon.

Now here's the ranking of the guys:

001 - He's got the looks, lean, can do break-dance... Pity, not too much of a photogenic guy.

002 . Debatable, but unquestionable. If I'm not mistaken, he's entering CH's line.

(R)003 + (L) 004 . Debatable and questionable. 004's KW's future little buddy.

003- closer view. Quite good looking larh, wouldn't question about him being in the list...

(R)005 + (L)006. Debatable. Definitely questionable.

007 . Now he... Gosh... Awwww.... He's got my vote for the top ranks. He's sooooooo adorable!!! His smile skews all over, very flexible risorius! Like, awwwww... I would so date him, but I can't.

008. First look debatable. But when he smiles, he's kinda cute as well. ;)

(R)009 + (L)010. Yeah, debatable. And questionable.

Here goes the girls:

001. Hands down. Prettier in person. Don't ask about the hair thingy, sorta what they're asked to do throughout our batch's orientation.

002. Hands down. It's a tie of her and the 001 for the crown, I thought. But I've yet to talk to the 001 girl, but this girl is sweet enough. Typical next door girl, very sweet, very polite... Definitely adorable.

003. Pretty sporting. She looks better in person.

004 . One of my top alright. Her eyes are very charming.

(L)005 + (R)006. Both debatable. And questionable. R's my state junior.

(R)007 + (L)008. Debatable. Don't ask me why, R just didn't want to smile.

(L)009 + (R)010. 010 could've been higher in the list, I thought.

I didn't quite agree entirely. I mean, all the comments and thoughts, they're plainly my two cents' worth. These girls should be in the list. Look at her dimple!!!

I had fun with the later two. Malaccan and Perakian. Like erm, A LOT of fun! Spent about one hour chatting with the Malaccan in English she actually thought I was a banana, and was kinda shocked that I spoke Mandarin to another junior. While that of the Perakian, she'd definitely be all too forgetful if she cannot remember me one year after the orientation, after all that trouble I put her through, getting him to ask my housemates about all the personal stuff about myself...

, I wonder which one is it amongst the juniors know about me sleeping in... erm... nevermind. *sniggering*

And of course, when it comes to guys, I have my own preferences... Don't scream paedophile! They're only 2 years younger than myself at tops. Most of them are just one year younger. I thought these guys look better than some of those in the list.

I can guess why he's not in the list. But he's in my list. I love his geeky look. Very adorable!

And he's got the look of maturity.

He doesn't look as good the first time, but you'll find he's got the charm of a next door guy.

Well... I noticed this guy with thick brow from the start of the orientation, but never really dared to go approach him, since he's from a premier school in Penang and all... Only came to know his name when he approached me this afternoon when I was leaning on the chair alone. You'd prolly said he should trim his brow, but hey, I was tagged "chin chan" back when I was in orientation as well. Like erm, obviously, not everyone could have thick eyebrows. *sniggering*

And of course, the other guy I'd date. The girls thought he should be in the list as well. A very sporting guy indeed. Not as photogenic though. His humble attitude gives him the charm everyone seeks. Had fun fooling around with him, while he attempted to get information about myself off Sharn, who, in turn, came to ask me in person. The nerve she's got! *LMAO* But yea, like I said, everyone adores him. Gonna be a hot junior for grabs. Not quite sure whose line he's entering, but I suppose it's one of those lines of the premier school from Malacca.

Ah well, I had a LOT of fun meeting them the whole day. Tiring no doubt, but it's always so fun meeting the juniors. One of the fun part, I bullied the bananas who never knew how to write a chinese word into writing my name.

Now whoever thought the orientation should be abolished, you should come join me. My sort of orientation is definitely not the sort where the senior bullying the juniors. Even if it's considered bullying, I don't see them grumbling, and I'm sure they wouldn't object if I say I'm actually one of the nice seniors. I might have been serious with my state junior, but it's what every state seniors do. It's pre-requisite to know colleagues from your own state. Though I've yet to decide if I'm going back.

So yeah, I'm all for the orientation, no matter how notorious it is.

7 Jujus:

Silencer said...

haih. i guess i'll b ranked first/second if i were to be in ur faculty and IF i were a bit slimmer. hehe.

pikey said...

hhmmmm.. i think we got different kind of taste

Legolas said...

Of the whole 10 guys, only the second one could make it in my list, at spot number 10.

savante said...

Good God. Why ae they starving the juniors! They look underfed? The canteen close ka!

Little Dove said...

I'll never make it into top 10, or top 20 or even top 100.

Ah-Bong said...

silencer, i'm... *speechless*

pikey, of course different ppl have differnt taste lor

legolas... i know lar... dun put too much hopes lar. ish.

Ah-Bong said...

savante, they all came in aneroxic lor... but canteen never fed the students properly one lar...

little dove, same here.