Monday, July 21, 2008

On Finding Things About Me

Chat chat chat... chat chat chat...

Me: Hmm... okay. I'm not going to torture you larh... You go find out 10 things about myself, and I shall give you my signature.

Jr: 10 things?

Me: Yah. I give you 10 minutes.

Jr: 10 minutes?!

Me: It's easy what, you can go ask any seniors my batch. Better still, go ask senior KW or YL or KK or CH. They're my housemates. Aha, but that's not going to be in your 10 things.

Jr: Yes senior... I shall be back in 10 minutes.

Me: Go go go...

10 minutes later...

1. Was asked to perform Justice Pao when I was in first year.
2. Was "chased" by someone before.
3. Owns a blazer from G2000 and 4 jackets from Key Ng, lots of shirts, ties and footwears.
4. Wears underwears from Calvin Klein and Renoma.
5. Sometimes sleep without wearing underwear.
6. Lost a laptop in first year.
7. Went to Cambodia this year, went to Singapore last year.
8. Dad and mum in education line, sister in UM, younger brother JPA scholar.
9. Likes KFC, Harry Potter, photography and travelling.
10. Is a blogger.

Me: WHOAAAA!!! Who told you point number 5?!

Jr: Err... some senior...

Me: Sam-pat kia! And you dare to write! Later everyone know how? Yerrr....

Jr: Sorry senior, sorry senior... I will erase it.

Me: No larh, nevermind... If you forget me how?

Jr: No lar... I won't one...

Me: Sure not?

Jr: Sure.... Senior you're so nice...

Me: Oklah oklah... Here you go.

Jr: Thanks a lot senior...

Me: Yea yea, now go find other seniors.

Jr: Thank you, senior.

5 Jujus:

savante said...

Orientation Week. HAHAHAHA. The memories.

And you wear underwear to sleep?!

Little Dove said...

Who wears underwear to sleep? Or did Jr wanted to say you sleep in the nude but was trying to put it in a nicer way. ;p

Your classmates read your blog?

Ah-Bong said...

savante... good ol' days innit? :D nope, i just wear short pants when i sleep.

little dove, dun think the junior tried to rephrase it, but yea, some of my classmates read my blog alright.

Legolas said...

*Pretending I'm not seeing the torturing junior part*

Key Ng? G2000? CK? Renoma? The junior should add in just one more thing: Senior is gay.


Ah-Bong said...

*smack smack smack*

the juniors didn't even know who's key ng.