Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the Yellow Warning Letter

Ta-daaa... a note from TNB this month.

And the bill was lying around on the dining table. 175 bucks, seriously is kinda expensive. But it was for 2 months. So... we all guess it's fine. Somehow, due to the same attitude letting the bill lying around on the table for the previous month, erm, we lost it. That's why it's being carried forward into the bills this month.

I'm always the one in charge of the bills. And I have yet to find time to drive to the TNB shop in PJ. Somehow I've been spending almost everyday at school till 5. Most of the time, there's classes in the afternoon, and ridiculously, they scheduled it at 4pm.

Anyway, while checking the mail box after reaching home from school, we get this.

Lo and behold...

...before the 23rd of July, which is like, erm, next week. Oooooo I'm so scaaared... *sniggering*

I was planning to head over to HKL tomorrow noon during the 5 hours break to get my new white coat. ^^ So, I made KW go pay the bill for June. Or rather, for both June and May. Hopefully there won't be any accident on his tyre. *LMAO*

3 Jujus:

Peng Loon said...

hey just so you know, my unit got those letters too.. but they didn't really cut the power by the stated date.. so chill =)

Takashi said...

lol. i GET that EVERY month.. cos i m always 1 month late :)

but nah.. they never bother to cut one lah..

and, my tunggakkan last month.. was RM0.01.

& i got the letter too.

JoeRy said...

time to use online bill payment,
save time,

by the way, per month over rm70 is expensive right? You got aircond in the whole house issit?