Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On Selling It Off

It has been a good year. Although to be really calculative, we weren't together for a year, yet. Would be in a few weeks I think. Can't really remember. But the problem is, we won't be able to be together still when I move to Klang in 4 weeks time. The room would be too small for both of us, what's more KK would be sharing the room as well. So I guess I had to let it go, even though I knew it's going to hurt so bad. But we both know it's the best solution.

I'm talking about my study desk that's what.

I couldn't possibly carry it down to Klang, and back to UM hostel for final years. It's too big, and bulky. No doubt it's hell of a good table, 24" x 48". I loved it to bits. Spacious and erm... yah, I like 'em big.

So I was asking around, friends and buddies alike, those who are moving out from residential college, who are interested in getting a study table. I'm selling it off at 150 bucks, together with another plastic drawer cabinet. But I guess I'm keeping the cabinet for the time being. So the table's being called out for at 100 bucks. It was a few weeks before KW finally said a friend of his younger buddy is interested in getting a study desk.

Urgh. Now I really am doubting. I never get 2nd hand stuff before. Everything I get, I got from the store. And I bought my study desk at 210 bucks last year. Even my housemates said they wouldn't want to buy if I'm selling it off at that price. But my arguments was, it's 24" x 48"! It's a BIG desk!

So while having lunch with the Brother in SS2 this afternoon, he asked why not I just put it in his office while I'm in Klang, since his room is spacious and all. It's a good idea no doubt, but I don't think I'll need it when I come back from Klang as well. So, okay fine. 75 bucks it is.

Again though, it's not the final price. That fella wanted the table to be delivered to his place as soon as possible. Like what? I'm a deliveryman now? I'm not as free as you think I am lor hello! Plus, what do you think I'm going to use after I sell it off? I still have 3 weeks of academic weeks here in PJ so to speak. I'm so gonna sell only at 80, and that's my final price. I'd rather send it down and give it to the little brother in KTT if he still demands for a lower price.

I understand we're all student and we don't have any income. 100 bucks might be too much if you ask me. But it's a study desk. It's a sturdy, big, comfortable and still in great condition. It's a necessity, it's pre-requisite for students. Why be too calculative with the investment right? I would keep it and use it until I graduate, if I'm staying put. And I'm sure he who's in his 2nd year now would be using the desk till he graduate as well.

Blardy hell. I need the money as well.

And most of all, it's the table that matters.

3 Jujus:

K said...

stop gettin' new clothes, then u will hv the money lol

Silencer said...

i can c the little book of causes of the table!! hehe.

don't shop to much.

Ah-Bong said...

k, think of it this way, i need the money to shop. hahahaha...

silencer, yeaps. book of causes. i'm thinking of getting differential diagnosis.