Monday, July 14, 2008

On the Political Drama


That's all I'm going to say about what's happening in the country. Screw all you want, let us live in peace. And hey people who sits on the chairs calling themselves politicians, you guys don't need to put on so much drama to embarass, no, not only yourself, but also the whole country.

Is it not bad enough that the political tsunami causing the drama? Has it not given the ruling party any idea what the people wants? Everyday there's news about the political drama in the newspaper. You're sued for sodomizing larh. You're scared of the murder threat larh. You're denying you've got anything to do with the murder case larh. You're saying you don't want to have anything to do with the whole ugly scenes larh. You're saying "yes we agree" and pledging your loyalty larh. And you you you who keep on and on about politics being all dramatised, when in fact you're calling in all the press and announce to everyone on all the petty matters that I give a damn. Bull shit is all I'm saying. BULL SHIT.

Now I didn't want to ruin the whole post of me fetching my brother up from Nilai yesterday, and I've tried to ignore the anger for the whole day, just to wake up today reading the same old news about how stupid all the politicians actually are.

Oh PUH-LEAZE! Imagine yourself coming up from Sg. Besi toll plaza to slow down to all the cars in front of you. I was cursing "SHIT SHIT SHIT!" all the way from the toll plaza until way after we passed Mint Hotel. 30 minutes on a 5km route, if not shorter. And the JPJ had the speed limit on that part of the highway at 80mph, we soooo underused our privilages. If it were not because of the stupid people-in-blue who narrowed down a 4 lane highway to a 1 lane kampung road, we'd have reached KL from Nilai in just 40 minutes.

Frustrated I was. And still is.

And we all thought the people-in-blue did that because some smart-arse prisoner like Michael Scoffield broke out from a prison in the Klang valley.

Oh nooo, we were sooooo wrong. Guess what was all the fuss about.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! FLUSH OUT???? Heck, not only it happened on the North-South Highway, we came across a few blocks! One on the Federal Highway, one on the junction from Nilai down to the toll plaza, and the newspaper today stated there's also one on Sprint Highway. What the fuck?! Like all the bottle-neck brainless acts could help out in anything. The one thing that I thought it helped, was to create massive traffic jams and lots of Malaysians learning to curse.

Like there's not enough drama in our lives already, what's more important than who's holding the power right? Of course everyone wanted to rule the country. Heck I can do anything I want if I'm the ruler, even to control all the institution that were NOT SUPPOSED to be interfered by politics. Judiciary system? Military? And now you're telling me the Police as well?! Who knows if the ones-who-announce-every-other-time-they-caught-a-small-fish have anything to do with them politics as well?!

Now, I gave a damn what happened in the parliament. Who's filing lack of confidence bills and all. And although everyone said "the country will be doomed by June 2010", even if I have to admit I've got the slightest worry how the new coming leader will run the country, at least he's not the radical one who would turn everyone to adopt a 'bin' in their names. I hope. No offence really, power transition always will trigger such worry. And yeah, my favourite leader will always be the one who built KLCC and Putrajaya and Sepang F1 circuit and KLIA amongst other megaprojects. People have different views, so what if he nearly put the country into bancruptcy, he prevented the country from being sucked into economy trash by fixing the exchange rate no?
But anyways, politics. I only have 2 words to it. Bull shit.

So what if the de facto leader was hoo-haing about taking over the country? If the ruler party is really confident about their capability, they wouldn't need to make press conference, saying it's all rumors and they're very good in running the country right? And, if the de facto really wanted to cause another massive political tsunami, JUST DO IT and don't make hoo-hah already! All talk and no walks are plain BULL SHIT.

Bull shit is all I'm saying.

And it seems to me someone's scared as hell.

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Legolas said...

BN is totally paranoid. Seriously, they're acting like kids.

Ah-Bong said...

yalar... immature.