Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On Spilling the Secrets

We were having forensic lecture today, having one of the handful forensic pathologist coming in to deliver an introduction lecture. So he went yada yada that forensic pathology is actually quite good a career. Dead people it may be, but it's because of that, you get to earn big bucks and get promotion easily. So he was telling us about the grades of medical officers in the government sector upon graduation. From U41 to U45 and U48 and then U54, if I don't recall wrongly, something like that lah, my dad's DG2. Different department different grading I suppose. And this pathologist is actually Jusa B. Like erm, he's of a higher rank after U54, where promotion gets you up to Jusa C, then Jusa B, and finally Jusa A, where you reach the rooftop. So of course we were all amazed. He said, the entire country, there's only 24 forensic pathologist. There are only 6 U54, and the rest Jusa. Hmmm... Forensic pathology. Pretty good eh?

Anyways, the story went on and on about his work thus far. That he knew a lot of big names. Karpal Singh for one, when he was asked to be a witness at court. And before he's called in, the case was settled. In some way, he's trying to say he's famous larh. Well, I'm not exactly sure, I never heard of him anyways. *sniggering* But the way he put it, this field has quite a good prospect.

As we were doing forensic lecture, naturally death comes into the picture. Babies born, grow up, get old and *tong tong chiang*. People like you and me would've just settle it in any simple low-key cemetery. And people who earn more would be considering something more classy, say Nirvana. Buying a piece of land in Nirvana Memorial Park isn't that expensive alright, just 88 grant, so he said. Or, if we still insist in placing the ashes of our loved ones there, we could just buy a small cabinet in the memorial hall. Now what's that place called again? Semenyih? Hmmm.... Maybe I should do some photoshoot there someday.

And there came another story, he should sooooooo not tell. Uncle Lim wouldn't be able to rest in peace now that over 200 medical students knew about it. And oh-my-gosh me still blogging about it... But I doubt the story can goes any further since my blog isn't that much of a KennySia or XiaXue.

So we all knew Uncle Lim was a rich man. He owns quite a huge sum of property, so for sure he took care of his funeral. So this pathologist was saying, before Uncle Lim kicked the bucket, he already prepared his half an acre of land for his burial up in the mountain. Somewhat for the Lim's family, up till his grandchildren. We were amazed alright. For a Muslim, he awed us Chinese, or at least myself, by knowing so much about the tradition in the Chinese culture, especially about death. That when one dies outside of the house, he shan't be put inside the house during the few days of prayer before the burial. That's something new for me. But it amazed me more when he blantly said he knew about the private burial place of Uncle Lim's like it wasn't a big deal, because he actually been there!

For what, you may ask. Let's just say, the pathologist was summoned there for his expertise. Apparently, someone died in the private burial before Uncle Lim's expensive delicate and gigantic coffin went in. Heard of the news before? Nope. Because it wasn't supposed to be known to the people! Worse was, Uncle Lim treated the pathologist to a week of lavish meals and stay in one of his properties, and told him to keep quiet about it. Blardy hell, he even described how good it was to be treated like a king. Unless you were Bill Gates, I doubt any of us average people would live through the first day living there without coming out bancrupt. And him, one whole week. Imagine that.

And he actually told us about it.

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savante said...

Well, at least your lecturer's pretty unique in his own way.

Legolas said...

So you should totally become a pathologist.

Ah-Bong said...

unique savante? how?

legolas, but i like medicine...