Wednesday, July 09, 2008

On Meeting the Junior

I woke up with much reluctance this morning. I hate it that I always have to wake up before YL. He always gets to wake up late. And if I don't wake up, he'll just continue lying on the bed. So when KW shoo-ed me this morning, I sighed so loud that he looked at me as if he had done something really really bad. *sniggering*

I was here 2 decades before you were even born!

So naturally, med school isn't that much interesting. What's with such reluctance out of bed this morning. Introductory lectures didn't get my attention. And I kept on being "Bong, what do you think?" by the surgeon in ward round. Damn, I shall never put my name tag outside my coat next time. And the Orthopaedic introduction in the afternoon, I'm pretty sure I slept throughout the one hour talk by this orthopaedic doctor who claimed himself to be one of the oldest teaching clinician in the hospital. Not that I don't respect him or anything, I just couldn't stay focus... YL managed to carved some pendants even.

Yea yea, life's a bitch sometimes...

But I got to say, I look forward in meeting the juniors. It was regarding the buddy line.

So we all joined the 4 weeks of orientation when we first came in, being so timid we never dared to look eye to eye with the seniors. From the final years, to the 4th years, then the 3rd, followed by then 2nd year. Imagine how much fear we had to go through. But of course in the end, we were all recruited into the big family. Now why would we want to go through so much trouble and uncomfort when there are actually some who decided just not to participate in the verbal ragging weeks. Reason being, I don't know. Why want to go against the crowd and stand alone when you know in the end, you have someone to look after you, and guide you through medical school? That was how I felt when I was in my first year.

Shoo, juniors on the other side of the hall, this side belongs to the seniors! La la la...

Now that we're in the 3rd year, and the 2nd year caused some stir in the big family, the final years got quite upset with them and decided they should do something to teach the 2nd years the principle of the whole buddy line system. And today, we summoned all the 2nd years to our lecture hall after our class, and have the king our our batch talk to them about what the seniors think about them. No, not that we're angry at them individually, we just felt they disrespect the seniors, and in another way, not united. After all, they're still our sweet little juniors. To have them in the school means we're all the same. Who knows who we might be working with in the future?

So anyways, as I was saying, the meetings was what I was looking forward for the whole day. After the orthopaedic doctor left the lecture hall, the juniors came in, some still doesn't know why they're summoned. Of course, us being seniors, we put on some serious faces. Okay, just kidding. *LOL* But it was fun watching the head of our batch, trying to make things clear to the younger batch. While the previous king of the younger batch came out to explain about his actions last year, that caused quite some stirs to all the seniors, not only us, but also those in the 4th and final year. Let's just say, there are some secret kung-fu only those in the buddy lines know, but the 2nd year somehow made some actions that put the secret in danger of being exposed. Like hmmm, would anyone be okay with that? But the whole thing was really complicated, no point explaining anyways.

I'm the new king, I promise such thing will never happen again.

The whole debate lasted for about half an hour. I pitied the ex-king, as how we address the head of the batch, it was as if we accused him for what he did, and made the whole stir his own fault. He tried to defend himself. Saying he didn't understand why we were all so particular about the secret kung-fu thingy. Like, duh. Even me the back-bencher felt he ought to get some slappings on his cute cheeks. As open minded as I am, I still respect the tradition. It's the principle that we cared about so much. If he still couldn't get what principle is all about, what's the whole point of him going through so much hassle wanting to enter the buddy line last year? Okay, now I sounded as if I'm aiming at him alone. *LOL* But yea, I pitied him because he looked so timid trying to made his points out, yet none of us accepted. It's all about the principle! Damnit.

Are you sure? You know very well your debating skill can never compete against mine. La la la

But, one thing I got out from the meeting, I thought it was fun. For one, it felt soooo good being senior. Especially this time round of the year. If you know what I mean. Orientation month! Now, don't get me wrong, I know there were stories and complaints from the public about how horrible the orientation in the medical faculty was. Hey, ours are already considered very very mild. You should've seen the ones in the dental faculty. Now THAT was the most-feared orientation passed down from decades ago. Okay, maybe not till the extend of physical ragging during my dad's era. But their verbal ragging goes way waaaaay exaggerated than ours. Plus, ragging doesn't even happen anymore. I'm pretty sure whoever made it through the month would agree it was hell of a fun time. Even more so when you get to be the -er and not the -ee. Then again, as I've always repeated, I don't scold or shout, I never was a feared-off senior. The most I did, to stare at you, emotionless. Given my thick brow, any person would feel uncomfort. *sniggering* I can't wait! *LOL*

So to the public, notorious it may be, the tradition will be passed down. Any doctors graduated from the school would agree when I say, it was indeed a good experience.

By the way, did I mentioned there was an international debater in my class?

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Cute buddy so that you can have sex with him?

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OMG! No lah! :P

ky said...

OMG...that's Prof Sen!!! You better have lots and lotsa respect for that guy, mate. He's famous! First paeds ortho surgeon or something