Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On One Week Plus

Guess what, the dreaded new term is starting in another week or so. How fun. HOW FUN! NOT. I have not enjoyed enough distorted Circadian Rhythm and now I have to tune it back to normal already? C'mon! So what have I done over the holidays? Supposedly 2 months long holiday, minus off those uncertain schedule on the elective project, and in a blink of an eye, walah, there's just one week plus left.

Before we all know it, the new batch of juniors are coming in this coming Sunday. Campus orientation starts next week, and followed by regular class the week after. I know I'm going to grumble again. And nope, this time, I won't do what I've done before, whining it's too long a holiday. In fact, I kinda enjoyed such a long holiday. And I want more!

Nothing much happened as far as I'm concerned. Of course the amazing trip to the Angkors is unforgetable. And the first hand experiences of carrying out reflex tests on about 50 people. Other than that, my holiday is practically empty. I wouldn't consider spending hours in front of the laptop watching television series something beneficial. It's plainly what bored people do. I know I'm just killing time, but I've been saving the entire year for those moments, catching up on dvds and television series for 12 hours a day, and sleeping away the other half of the day.

Yet somehow, I know I'm going to feel very guilty not keeping my promise. 1, hitting the gym and reduce my shockingly outrageous obesity; 2, reading on the Clinical Examination textbook before school reopens. Not to forget revising on Anatomy, Pathology, Medical Microbiolgy and Pharmacology. Now, this shucks. Clinical years IS going to be hell of a time.

What am I gonna do?!?!?! I still have 3 seasons of Friends to catch up with, and 1 season of House M.D., 2 seasons of Scrubs, Gossip Girl, 3 seasons of Queer as Folk, plus more than a dozen movies. Should I or should I not? Continue watching those entertainment?

One a side note, the elective presentation will be held on Thrusday the 26th of June, in the Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya. Drop by if you're interested!

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Silencer said...

u'll enjoy clinical years.:)

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