Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On the Primetime Medical Drama

You might say it's too dramatic to be true. Heck I know that. Some young chaps just have no idea what it is like in the real scenario, here in the hospitals in Malaysia. And after watching the series for a season or two, they just made up their mind and thought medicine is what they wanted. Like uh, hello? Interns in the hospitals in this country? You're shit. But then again, they don't care. They just thought medicine is THAT glamorous. Yea right. And I just so happened to come to know who is one of them. The younger brother just sorta decided to apply for medicine after he watched the first season. Not that I don't want him to, but YES, I AM JEALOUS HE'S GOING TO CZECH REPUBLIC! How can I not be envious?!

Anyway, back to the series. I don't care if you like it or not, it's still one of my all time favourites. Like erm, I'm ranking it the best amongst all the series I watched. As how I've thought about E.R., but I just couldn't find the series anywhere anymore. I remembered following that series every Tuesday on TV2 back when I was in secondary school. It was dirty and flirty, but there's still the super exciting moments in the emergency room. Very much like Grey's Anatomy. Maybe that's why I loved it in the first place.

But it was after so long before I came to know about Grey's Anatomy. I suppose it'll always take some time before they can come up with such a powerful Emmy Award winning television series. Speaking about General Hospitals, followed by E.R. and Chicago Hope, that is if you know the existence of these series. And now the oh-i-love-you-but-i-also-love-him scandalous one. Not to say it's all about love hate relationship, I always enjoyed the hospital scenarios they screened. Those heart-stopping emergencies and pukingly-gross surgeries, not to forget the ever breath-taking neurological surgeries, I honestly am in love. No, I'm not into neuro because of that McDreamy, but I admired neurology somehow. Just. That. And nothing else. Coincidently the elective under the neurology department too!

So I missed the premiere on NTV7 last Saturday night. But I was so happy there's a repeat show tonight! And somehow, I've gotten myself in love with it. Meredith Grey called it off after 2 years relationship with Derek Sheperd. Christina Yang got dumped at the wedding by Preston Burke. Izzie Stevens said she loved George O'Malley when the later's marriage with Callie Torres was shaking. Not to forget George O'Malley failed his intern exam. Miranda Baily didn't get to become the Chief of Residents, rather, it was Callie Torres instead. Then there's Addison Montgomery finally leaving Seattle Grace Hospital, and ended up in the Ocean Wellness Group down in LA, where the spin-off called Private Practice came up. Oh, there's just too much emotional baggage on the series. You who give a damn about the series wouldn't know what I was crapping about anyway. But you who did follow the series would be jumping up and down what I was talking about. *sniggering* HOWEVER, you who already finished the season 4 by downloading the series, don't tell me about it. It's bad enough I know Miranda Baily ended up as the Head of Surgery, I don't want to know anything else.

I had this application on facebook, Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You?, and I turned out to be Meredith Grey. Right. How fun to be the dark and twisted girl huh? But hey, it really is kinda me.

And to have season 4 starting off with Meredith's half sister Lexie Grey doing internship in the same hospital as she is, now that's gotta be so me if, imagine, 7 years from now. I've done my housemanship, and the younger brother coming back from Czech Republic, all cocky he graduated overseas, just to find he's posted to the same hospital as I was, doing housemanship under my colleague. What a coincident that would be huh? I'm not saying I hate him, I love him, and I'm proud of him. He's a scholar for all that matters. I'm just... yes, envious! And yes, never ever tell anyone to do medicine unless they themselves wanted to do it. That's what I was told, but failed to do.

But then again, it's still a drama. I can never relate it to real life. Not in this boleh-land anyway. What's more with those in the series having a different education system compared to that in this country. So, yea, I'll just love it for what it is, the primetime medical drama.

Lastly, here's something from the first episode of the 4th season. How very true.

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Darren said...

I love Anatomi Kelabu too! But Scrubs will always be number one for me. :P

jay said...

aiI've actually downloaded the entire Season 4 right up to episode 17. The plot really thickens. That new chick Lexie's really hot though. Hehe

Anyway I totally agree with you about hospitals being portrayed in too glamorous a light. What are the chances of actually getting laid in a Malaysian hospital on-call room? Muahahah

joshua said...

well, I hv heard of ppl making out in strategic locations in local govt hospitals.

I guess where there's a will, there's a way

Going full force to PUBLIC huh?

Legolas said...

Oddly enough, I never watched any of those series about doctors! And what's odder is that "someone" is a doctor in real life. Maybe that's the reason why I don't watch. I get first hand realistic info rather than fake TV series.

savante said...

Love it too :) Me, I figure I'm an odd cross between Cristina Yang and George.

And yeah, joshua is right about the making out :P

Ah-Bong said...

darren, well... they're both of different branch anyways. some like surgery, and some want medicine...

jay... there's only 17 episodes?? like, erm, so few??

joshua, have heard the same too. what are u involved?

Ah-Bong said...

legolas... we know. we know.

savante has first hand experience?? wooot...