Thursday, May 28, 2015

On the Vulgarity

And he was once a female.

Choose the most appopriate statement:
1. Shame on you men! You don't even look half as HOT as he is!

2. Sigh. Embarassing. Why aren't we all as sexy as he is?

3. Holy crap! How can it be? He was a woman! This is so unfair!

4. Wow! He shall be my idol! If he can do it, so can I!

5. It's all Leonardo Da Vinci's fault! What perfect man and golden ratio shit? And now we live in a world with mentality based on that theory. So what if I have tummy and I am fat? I am human too!  Oh wait, who even come out with the adjective "fat"? Arghhh! 

6. Hot dude! Oh well, good for him. I don't care.

7. *smiles* (turn away and do your own things or back to what you were doing)

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