Sunday, January 19, 2014

On the Sunrise on a Big Screen

In 2042, when pollution has taken over the world, in this place called Beijing, where Emperor ruled in the past, and in the modern days it was catapulted to country to be one of the strongest power on this planet called earth, smog has covered the whole city so much so that sun never rises.

Citizens of the city has forgotten how sunrise feel like, and the younger generations had never even witnessed the sun at all, not even in midday.

In the hope of restoring love for nature, the government decided to install a big screen in the common square in the city...

Meh... My failing attempt in writing fictions. Blah.
*in the midst of seeing patients in the Emergency Room* Frustrated. Blah. *pulling hair*

Have a good weekend!

PS: it's in the news! like... here!.

2 Jujus:

MiChi said...

hahah.... so scary la the future

TZ said...

this is a main problem in Beijing.